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Cover of The Witchfire Curse
The Witchfire Curse
5th Edition
Levels 1–3
32 pages

Three months ago the township of Durgon’s Rest exiled Elia Fenfrost for practicing witchcraft. Now as the first harvest approaches there are signs that something is amiss. The crops are failing, local farm animals are becoming sick with disease, and all of the food stores have gone foul. The town’s folk suspect that the accursed blight is the work of Elia - exacting her revenge for casting her out into the wild. The PCs are the villager’s last hope, but can they find Elia and end the evil curse that has been laid upon the town before all comes to ruin? The Witchfire Curse is an adventure suitable to four 1st-level players, and features: *A chance to tell your friends what you did last weekend, and have it totally one-up *their stupid trip to Disneyworld. *Some wilderness encounters in a dark and treacherous forest *A complete subterranean dungeon with 13 encounter areas *Several corpses in shocking states of decay *Details of the township of Durgon’s Rest *Nearly 15 random encounter scenarios *The Kylo Ren of sorcerous kobolds *Over 20 maps and illustrations *[small] Boat-loads of treasure *Lots of poisonous stuff *20 Printable Magic Item Cards *12 Printable Rumor Cards *3 new magic items *2 devilish traps *1 new monster

Cover of DDA3 Eye of Traldar
DDA3 Eye of Traldar
Levels 1–2
32 pages

Powerful Magics are Loose in Karameikos! You and your companions are starting on your first adventure and you've been swept into the intrigues surrounding the infamous Black Eagle Barony. To prevent the evil Baron von Hendricks from gaining more power, you and your cmpanions must retrieve the magical Eye of Traldar from the wizard's tower at Fort Doom. Can you escapes the clutches of the armed garrison? Will the Baron gain the powerful artifact and use it for evil? You and your friends make the choices and affect the entire Grand Duchy of Karameikos. This module is particularly recommended for novice Dungon Masters and players who want to try their hand at overland adventuring. Recommended for four to six characters, levels 1-2 Handouts and pregenerated characters provided Suitable for use with the Dungeons & Dragons Game box and conventional D&D Game rules Features simple rules on outdoors travelling for exclusive players of the D&D Game box Adventure in the monster-filled caverns and dungeons beneath Fort Doom. TSR 9271

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