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Cover of Into the Underdark - Part 1 A Family Affair
Into the Underdark - Part 1 A Family Affair
5th Edition
Level 1
14 pages

The nephew of a once famous adventurer decides to make a name for himself and bites off more than he can chew. Short on options, and worried for his nephew’s life, he needs your help. Travel to the ruins of Dhonin's Lookout atop Standiac Hill to find and rescue the young adventurer. Uncover a plot that could lead to the destruction of the village of Millvein, and even more dire future consequences. Includes: A 3-4 hour adventure for 1st level characters Map of the village of Millvein 2 DM maps Stat blocks for all monsters the players might encounter. The adventure continues in Into the Underdark - Part 2 The Spider's Den

Cover of The Shattered Circle
The Shattered Circle
Levels 1–3
32 pages

The Shattered Circle is an AD&D® adventure for four to six player characters of 1st to 3rd level. For many ages, the standing stones known as the Circle of Cahervaniel have stood on a grassy hilltop, unremarkable and unmenacing, but something has changed. A powerful artifact deep within the earth has been uncovered, and its evil power has corrupted the recent inhabitants of a dungeon complex. The chitine live within, a cross between humans and spiders created by the drow, but trying to live a quiet existence. The evil Foundingstone has corrupted some of the chitine, and split their society in two, bringing them to conflict. Adventurers who navigate the chitine factions and dangerous dungeon will need to end the threat of the Foundingstone and the solve the mystery of the strange dark unicorn Mizar that has appeared recently around the stones. Interestingly, one of the unique magic items in this adventure, Icerazor - is said to have grown from a shard of Frostrazor, a sword that appears in a famous later adventure - Return to White Plume Mountain. There is a brief mention of Suloise, so it can be considered a Greyhawk adventure, but clearly states it can be placed anywhere.

Cover of The Misfit Maggot Five
The Misfit Maggot Five
5th Edition
Level 2
23 pages

Warchief Grog Bloodloaf has sounded the horn of war. Elf scum have stolen orc lands and the tasty halfling herds. For generations the Maggotsmasher Clan has watched and waited from the icy caves of the frozen mountains but that wait is over. Warchief Bloodloaf needs only the totem of leadership, the Dragon Crown of Durge Maggotsmasher, to unite the clans and begin his war. Five misfits have answered the call to brave the Caves of Throllorat and return with the crown. With a little luck, these five maggots will kill a few of the beasts within Throllorat before dying, making it easier for real warriors to complete the quest. The Misfit Maggot Five is a comdedic adventure where five rejects from the Maggotsmasher Clan are called upon to retrieve the famed Dragon Crown of Durge Maggotsmasher from the dreaded caves of Throllorat. Each of the characters are fully developed with their own unique personality that will give any Dungeons and Dragons group hours of laughs! The Misfit Maggot Five is a 5th edition comedy adventure for 2nd level monstrous humanoid characters. Published by The Pickled Dragon Press

Cover of Undermountain: Caverns of the Many-Legged
Undermountain: Caverns of the Many-Legged
5th Edition
Levels 12–13
27 pages

Undermountain: The Caverns of the Many-Legged is an adventure detailing a hidden mini-level for Dungeon of the Mad Mage for characters of levels 12-13. It uses some of the story and lore of that book, but it can be incorporated or dropped into any setting or homebrew campaign. In a hidden part of Undermountain, former slaves feed their fat, monstrous queen who is fixated on revenge. A broken drow house has finally found a place to call home – only to become abominations. And a massive beast slithers, hunting for anything to satiate its hunger and quell its madness. Welcome to the Caverns of the Many-Legged. Which side, if any, will adventurers choose as they explore this hidden mini-level for Dungeon of the Mad Mage? In this adventure, you will find: a mini-level that can be easily incorporated into Dungeon of the Mad Mage a vivid cast of unique monsters and NPCs, including chitine warriors, a choldrith queen, a spellcasting draegloth, a mad yuan-ti anathema, and others (stat blocks provided for all creatures not in the Monster Manual) locations that could be used or adapted elsewhere, such as a chitine colony and a drider-controlled drow fortress a combination of roleplay, exploration, and combat encounters

Cover of The Shattered Circle - Classic Modules Today 5e Conversion
The Shattered Circle - Classic Modules Today 5e Conversion
5th Edition
Levels 1–3
13 pages

From time out of mind, the standing stones known as the Circle of Cahervaniel have stood lonely vigil on a grassy hilltop. Sheepherders once moved their flocks over the hill and through the circle, sometimes resting in the cool shadows cast by the ancient stones. Everything changed when a stone finger fell, revealing a fissure in the earth. Now, dark shadows caress the circle after the sun sets. Creatures out of nightmare dance upon the hillside at night. Many swear that a unicorn of deepest ebony now hunts all upon two legs who draw near, while stunted creatures scurry in the shadows, abducting sheep from their sheds and drawing them down below ground for food. After the disappearance of a sheperd, fear grows stronger in neighboring villages. Who will brave the black hollow of the ancient Circle of Cahervaniel? Heroes of stern mettle must descend into the cavity and explore the ancient spaces existing there. Product History "The Shattered Circle" (1999), by Bruce R. Cordell, is a generic adventure for AD&D 2e. It was published in January 1999. Origins: Another Generic. After Wizards of the Coast began publishing D&D, their first year and a half of generic adventures were all classic revivals: returns to RPGA tournaments, to classic adventures, and to Dungeon scenarios. Even "A Paladin in Hell" (1998) was a return in its own way, to the demons and devils that TSR had become afraid of. Wizards was staking out new ground by reclaiming the past. "The Shattered Circle" (1999) was the first generic Wizards adventure that was simply a generic adventure, with no deeper origins and no hidden motives. Artifacts of Note. the foundingstone and the harp Euphonious are both one-off named magic items. However, it's sword Icerazor that's the most interesting. It's said to have grown from a shard of Frostrazor — a sword that would only appear ten months later in Return to White Plume Mountain (1999). There, it's listed as one of Keraptis' four implements of power, alongside Wave, Blackrazor, and Whelm — meaning that Icerazor (and this adventure) are just one step removed from White Plume Mountain itself. Monsters of Note: Chitine. It's somewhat curious, given the Greyhawk and Neverness connections, to note that the chitine debuted in MC11: "Monstrous Compendium Forgotten Realms Appendix" (1991). The spider-humanoids have generally been a Realms creature, featuring in bestiaries and histories for that setting. However, they also received a more generic "Ecology of the Chitine" in Dragon #223 (November 1995), which introduced the choldrith, or chitine priestess. This is their major adventure appearance. When asked about pronouncing their name Cordell says that he "can't be 100% sure of the original designer's pronunciation", but he prefers "KI-TEEN". About the Creators. By 1999, Cordell was one of D&D's most prolific writers. He'd previously authored many slightly related adventures, such as The Gates of Firestorm Peak(1996) and the sahuagin (1997) and illithid (1998) Monstrous Arcana adventure trilogies. This conversion guide allows DMs to run the original module with 5th Edition rules. To use this conversion guide you will need a copy of The Shattered Circle, originally available in hard-copy and now for sale in Digital format at the DMs Guild. This adventure is a generic adventure, not specifically based in any existing setting. Suggestions are given in the conversion guide to place the adventure in the Forgotten Realms.

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