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Vault of the Wyrm Prince
4th Edition
Level 1
38 pages

When the fires smoldered in the belly of an ancient red dragon tyrant, and his thirst had been slaked by the blood of countless innocents, the old wyrm made a deal with a succubus to spawn him a son and ensure his name would live forever. The demon held true, though she imbued the wyrmling with her own infernal blood. Those who fear and serve the abominable spawn of this pact know him as the Wyrm Prince. Cast into the abyss centuries ago by the legendary Three- River Paladin, the Wyrm Prince licked his wounds and recovered his strength. The Three-River Paladin has passed into legend, and the Wyrm Prince has resurfaced, his vengeance awakened along with his hunger. The Wyrm Prince sacked the high city Zhaldanis, slaying its people and claiming the greatest gift from the gods — the Soulstone. At this late hour, you must venture into the catacombs of the Wyrm Prince before the Soulstone loses its power and all mortal souls are damned.

Cover of The Clockwork Tower
The Clockwork Tower
5th Edition
Level 3
4 pages

"The Clockwork Tower" is an azza gremlin lair suitable for five 3rd level characters. This adventure can be completed in one session.

Cover of TB3: Bloody Jack
TB3: Bloody Jack
5th Edition
Level 5
80 pages

All the children of the Blight know the nursery rhymes about Bloody Jack Carver, cautionary tales for naughty or overly inquisitive children to mind their manners and obey their parents. However, their parents know the true horror of those times 30 years ago when the lunatic serial killer known as Bloody Jack Carver stalked the fog-shrouded streets of the Blight and abducted children. The killing spree finally ended, but the perpetrator was never caught. When the PCs are deputized to assist in a homicide investigation, they find terrifying clues that point to the three-decade-old Bloody Jack killings and signs to indicate that they were just the beginning. Now the PCs are in a race against time across the breadth of the decrepit and deteriorating city that is the Blight as they attempt to stop a new killing spree before it can start. The PCs’ investigation takes them from the halls of the Capitol and the seedy streets and alleys of Toiltown to the garish carnival piers of Festival and the pollutant-crusted banks of the Great Lyme River. Only they stand between the children of this decayed city and new nursery rhymes being written in their blood. Bloody Jack is a stand-alone adventure set in the Blight for 4–5 5th-level characters.

Cover of Madman at the Bridge
Madman at the Bridge
5th Edition
Level 4
8 pages

In the thriving city of Zobeck, a breakdown of the vital Puffing Bridge is throwing a wrench into the entire city. Workers can’t reach their jobs, merchants and goods can’t reach markets. In short, if this problem isn’t fixed quickly, there’ll be chaos in the Free City. Of course, this isn’t a simple mechanical breakdown but an act of sabotage, and the saboteurs are still at work when characters arrive to investigate.

Cover of G1: Siege of Durgam's Folly
G1: Siege of Durgam's Folly
3.5 Edition
Levels 5–8
42 pages

An embattled outpost at the edge of the wilderness has finally been overthrown. Strange creatures patrol the land. A local hamlet is in ruins. But just who-or what-has taken over this once mighty fortress?

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