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Cover of Temple of the First Fire
Temple of the First Fire
5th Edition
Levels 1–5
19 pages

The Temple of the First Fire is a 5e adventure in which a group of heroes must stop an ancient, evil witch known as the Raven Mocker from stealing the eternal flame that lights the sun. If the witch succeeds, it would plunge all humanity into endless darkness. It features a corrupted guardian, a temple suspended from the heavens by divine chains, and a series of unusual encounters, as well as four third-level pregenerated characters! Also available for Savage Worlds. Published by Sigil Entertainment Group.

Cover of Neither by Sail, Nor by Oar
Neither by Sail, Nor by Oar
5th Edition
Levels 5–6
3 pages

The party arrange for passage on a fast ship called the Silver Slipper. The good Captain Sara agrees to take them aboard for a reasonable fee. The voyage, however, is marred by strange events, and the crew begin whispering about a dark statue taken aboard as cargo. The statue is to be delivered to a port beyond the PCs' destination. When a fog rolls in one night, the ship is attacked by evil agents of a dark god come to claim the statue. In this nautical nightmare, the PCs must travel aboard the ship, interact with the crew, and save themselves from a boarding party of eldritch evil.

Cover of Bandit's Nest
Bandit's Nest
5th Edition
Level 1
16 pages

A flock of kenku bandits have discovered the ruined remains of a temple site, and have used it as their hideout while they raid unsuspecting travelers on nearby roads. It's up to the PCs to clear their nest, recover stolen goods, and rescue their hostages. Will the players be bested by these dirty birds? Or will they have the bandits eating crow?

Cover of The Tale of Sepha & Ade
The Tale of Sepha & Ade
5th Edition
Level 3
8 pages

Tales of Lady Sepha Lekore are known throughout the lands. Now she’s gone missing and her father Lord Lekore is offering a reward to anyone that can find her. With promises of a tidy sum, the adventuring party can investigate the last place she was seen to try and locate her. What they find will take them into the Underdark lair of a drow noblewoman with her eloped love, the young Lady Lekore.

Cover of Two Aromantics Spend an Entire Day Doing Everything Except Experiencing Romantic Attraction
Two Aromantics Spend an Entire Day Doing Everything Except Experiencing Romantic Attraction
5th Edition
Level 4
103 pages

You are aromantic, and your best friend is aromantic. There’s only one thing to do: go and fight a dragon. Two Aromantics Spend an Entire Day Doing Everything Except Experiencing Romantic Attraction is an unapologetically no-romo single-player adventure for a level 4 character. It should run for approximately 3-5 hours. This adventure requires at least some knowledge as to what it means to be aromantic. There are many useful resources available online for those unfamiliar with this term.

Cover of Dungeons on Demand: Volume One
Dungeons on Demand: Volume One
5th Edition
Levels 1–12
109 pages

THE FIRST SET OF DUNGEONS ON DEMAND ADVENTURES! The first volume of Dungeons on Demand includes the first four dungeons: Bandit's Nest - Level 1 Adventure Dungeon Insidious Experiments - Level 4 Adventure Dungeon Fierce Tempers - Level 8 Adventure Dungeon Lord of Gloomthrone - Level 12 Adventure Dungeon It also includes the following supplements: New Twists on Old Monsters - Gaming Supplement Imbued with Magic - Gaming Supplement The bundle includes hundreds of pages worth of materials and supplements sure to keep your gaming sessions busy!

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