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Cover of Bleak House: The Death of Rudolph van Richten
Bleak House: The Death of Rudolph van Richten
Levels 5–12
160 pages

Old soldiers never die... For more than three decades, Dr. Rudolph van Richten stood against the forces of darkness, and hunted their servants in the far corners of the land of Mists. Now he had thought his long battle over, had thought he could spend his declining years in quiet enjoyment with old friends. But for some, a tragic end is inevitable. Dark forces have been gathering in the Mists. Their objective is to see Ravenloft's foremost expert on the supernatural destroyed, shattered in spirit as well as in body. From the crumbling edifice of Van Richten's childhood home, an enemy long thought vanquished spins a web of powerful evils and lost souls, drawing Van Richten to his doom. And then a group of heroes gets trapped in the web as well.... This is a boxed set adventure containing 3 adventures: Whom Fortune Would Destroy: https://www.adventurelookup.com/adventures/whom-fortune-would-destroy The Baron: https://www.adventurelookup.com/adventures/the-baron Homecoming: https://www.adventurelookup.com/adventures/homecoming TSR 1141

Cover of Melancholy Meetings
Melancholy Meetings
Levels 4–6
32 pages

Forlorn is a dreary yet dangerous place, a land of secrets and whispers. Visitors can expect to find no safe rest, no respite from the terrible creatures that plague this land. The skies are perpetually overcast and the land is damp with rain. By night, sheet lightning illuminates the sky in ghastly colors. Even if the intrepid adventurers who come to explore Forlorn know that the lord of this domain is forever trapped within his strange castle, they should take small comfort from it. Servants of Tristen ApBlanc roam freely, and the land itself is horribly twisted. The encounters in this book are designed to offer an introduction to Forlorn and provide clues about both its lord and his home. Melancholy Meetings is intended to be used before the castle adventure book, Eve of Sorrows, but it's not necessary for the PCs to experience all of the encounters in this book before embarking upon the next. Included in Castles Forlorn - https://www.adventurelookup.com/adventures/castles-forlorn TSR 1088, from 1993

Cover of Homecoming
Levels 7–12
64 pages

This adventure is set in the van Richten estate, a free-floating realm in the Mists of Ravenloft. While this scenario serves as the conclusion to the other adventure included in this boxed set, it can also stand alone with relatively minor modifications. Removing most of the monsters and emphasizing the intangible supernatural phenomena makes this adventure especially apt for a Masque of the Red Death campaign. Regardless of where it is set, you may play this adventure many times without it unfolding exactly the same way twice. Suitable for use with the Bleak House campaign or the Masque of the Red Death Setting. Included in Bleak House: The Death of Rudolph van Richten TSR 1141

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