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Cover of The Dark Forest
The Dark Forest
Levels 2–3
9 pages

Troubles simply mushroom in the Underdark. The alchemist would like some fungus and spores, but no one wants to get them. Perhaps you could help. The adventure begins with the party finding a caravan. In addition to being able to trade with these NPCs, the party also can be hired by an alchemist to bring bag some red fungus and some Myconid spores from underground. Underground, the party will have a chance to interact with friendly Myconids and venture through a large labyrinth of passages (this labyrinth isn't mapped and is dealt with through storytelling, random encounters, and roleplay). The adventure culminates in a battle between the Myconids and Flinds, and the players can participate. Pgs. 4-12

Cover of Grakhirt's Lair
Grakhirt's Lair
Levels 1–3
10 pages

A tribe of evil norkers led by a human illusionist threaten the town of Nolivari. The heroes must brave the wilderness, find Grakhirt's lair, and defeat him to ensure the safety of the local villagers. A straightforward dungeon crawl against lots of norkers! When do you get to see those guys in an adventure? Lots of monsters from the AD&D Monster Manual II as well. This adventure features a little bait-and-switch; the titular bad guy Grakhirt is assumed to be a norker, or gnoll, or some other monstrous humanoid, but is in fact a human illusionist/assassin! Note: The adventure doesn't feature caves AND a dungeon, but since the caves are treated like a dungeon with doors and numbered rooms, this is listed as a dungeon adventure as well. Pgs. 28-37

Cover of The Wounded Worm
The Wounded Worm
Levels 4–8
11 pages

Crippled, wingless, old and a thousand times more dangerous. Surely, a crippled dragon is less dangerous than a healthy one. Pgs. 35-45

Cover of The Distraction
The Distraction
3.5 Edition
Level 3
12 pages

A bad of settlers awaits certain death upon the vicious blades of massing gnoll hordes. Can the PCs distract the ravenous army of savage humanoids long enough for reinforcements to arrive? A D&D adventure for 3rd-level characters.

Cover of Ravager part 1 The Darkcrypt
Ravager part 1 The Darkcrypt
Levels 5–7
12 pages

An army has appeared from the desert wastes led by a sorcerer said to be immortal. Fearing imminent attack, the Border Kingdoms have sent assassins to slay this so called Ravager and find this terrible rumor is true. You are tasked with discovering the secret to the sorcerer's immortality, hidden amidst an ancient crypt.

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