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Cover of S2 White Plume Mountain
S2 White Plume Mountain
Levels 5–10
16 pages

A traditional "funhouse" dungeon, White Plume Mountain begins with the archmage Keraptis stealing three artifacts and leaving cryptic poems with their former owners. The players are hired to recover the items, and find a bizarre dungeon in the side of the eponymous volcano. TSR 9027

DK1 - Mysteries of Daern Kelton
Levels 1–4
18 pages

This Digital Quarterly is built around a series of four micro-dungeons that can be used as an introduction to The Roslof Keep Campaign for characters just starting out. These dungeons should allow for a small group of players to not only become familiar with each other but also gain a level before taking up the banner of the Ivory Scimitar and entering Mithelvarn’s Labyrinth. As Roslof Keep is built around characters being asked to take up the Ivory Scimitar banner, it makes sense that they wouldn’t be completely ‘green’ and also might have gotten a bit of a reputation within Daern Kelton and Roslof Keep as trusted adventurers who are looking to help out the locals. This reputation can be used to bring The Folio: Digital Quarterly #6 the characters into the sights of House Aldenmier and, therefore, push characters into the campaign on a more realistic basis. It should also be noted that beginning Dungeon Level 1 with a level of experience is something that will be invaluable to the party and the early stages of the campaign. This adventure is formatted to both 1E & 5E gaming rules.

Cover of The Grey Citadel
The Grey Citadel
3rd Edition
Level 5
112 pages

The whispered worries grow more fanciful and terrifying by the day... where has the loremistress gone?... what's wrong with the master smith?... who-or what-stalks the marketplace?... The questions need answers, and heroes are needed to do the asking! But the only thing worse than what hunts the mist-shrouded streets is what lies beneath them... Adventure in Dun Eamon: Demons roam the streets of the city of Dun Eamon, criminals rule the night and an important local power figure has gone missing. Can your heroes unravel the clues that lead through every social element of the city, into the hearts of its inhabitants and far below its streets in search of answers? Or are some mysteries better left unsolved? Uncover An Artifact: The Grey Citadel is a mini-campaign of urban detective work and dungeon exploration designed for four or more characters of 5th level. Set in a rain-soaked, rough-and-tumble frontier city, The Grey Citadel offers numerous colorful NPCs, a richly unique location, new monsters and magic items plus enough plot twists to provide hours of role-playing and door-kicking adventure where your wits must be as sharp as your swords!" This adventures mixes dungeon crawl with city investigation, keyed encounters and timed encounters.

Cover of Blood and Laurels
Blood and Laurels
Levels 5–7
10 pages

A little friendly competition can be fun now and then - unless, of course, the competition isn't friendly at all. Included in I13 Adventure Pack I - https://www.adventurelookup.com/adventures/i13-adventure-pack-i TSR 9202

Cover of SJA1 Wildspace
SJA1 Wildspace
Levels 6–8
64 pages

On a busy day in the marketplace, something hurtles down out of a clear sky. When the dust clears, you c can see that it's a ship's anchor, attached to a rope that stretches up as far as you can see. What do you do? Pull you AD&D game players up the rope and into the astounding universe of fantasy space! Send their spacegoing galleon, the Skyrunner, across the vast reaches of Wildspace. Drop them in the Hive, the largest dungeon ever created. Then pit them against the Ravager, a monster that threatens the characters' entire homeworld! TSR 9273

Cover of Things That Go Bump in the Night
Things That Go Bump in the Night
Levels 3–6
22 pages

Giants and ghost trees and foul undead beasties... What happens when elves, giants, and a mysterious witch all decide only you can settle their troubles. Strange new tree species! A hobgoblin fort! Unexplained noises during the day and different noises at night! Investigate and explore the Bretonwood to get to the bottom of its problems. The adventure provides an overland open-world style map of the Bretonwood which the players are encouraged to explore. Many set and random encounters are provided. There are opportunities for combat in this area, but players should be ready to handle some problems out of combat to get the most satisfying experience. Pgs. 22-43

Cover of The Temple of Poseidon
The Temple of Poseidon
Levels 7–10
16 pages

For the past several days, dozens of strong earthquakes have rocked the coastal area surrounding the underground Temple of Poseidon. Since the first quake, there have been a growing number of reports of strange events and macabre occurrences throughout the area. Several families near the temple have abandoned their farms and refused to return. They claim to have been terrorized by inhuman specters who prowled about their farms late at night. One of the farmers says he found a farm animal crucified and eviscerated in a ritualistic fashion on his front porch. Following the first tremors, all communications with the Temple of Poseidon, seemingly the center of the troubled area, were cut off. Messengers dispatched to the temple to request guidance from the Holy Oracle located there have not returned. Now the darkness has spread to this town. Unnatural births have occurred. Strange cries can be heard in the night, and there is a cowl around the moon. Magical divining has proven useless in naming the dark forces that invade. Many of the townspeople have already abandoned their homes and those who remain have but one recourse left: They have sent out a cry for hardened adventurers, experienced in dispatching evil. They must travel to the temple to discover the fate of the men there, and, if possible, elicit their help in destroying the growing heinous power. Pgs. 31-46

Cover of KH-1 Something Rotten in Riverton
KH-1 Something Rotten in Riverton
Level 1
12 pages

Riverton is in Peril! Chaos has reared its ugly head in the troubled town of Riverton! You and some new friends have left home to seek your fame and fortune. Brace yourselves, opportunity is about to hit you right between the eyes! The time has come to show you were made for better things than scratching out an existence on some hardscrabble farm, or slaving away in the hold of some perfumed and effete Peer of the Realm. Grab your sword, don your armor, ready your magic wand; adventure awaits!

Cover of ROS5 Deep Dive in the Flooded Halls!
ROS5 Deep Dive in the Flooded Halls!
Levels 8–10
32 pages

Time is running out for the members of the Ivory Scimitar as they strive to overcome the latest challenges of the Infernal Machine and Mithelvarn's Labyrinth. With the discovery of a secret entrance into the 5th level of the dungeon, the party must now enter uncharted waters with an entirely new type of environment and monstrous threats. Can they withstand these new creation of the Machine, and will they finally breach the 6th seal and gain entry into the last level of the legendary dungeon and save all of Roslof Keep? This adventure is formatted to both 1E & 5E gaming rules. Also available in PDF.

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