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Cover of The Vineyard Vales
The Vineyard Vales
Levels 2–4
11 pages

The lizard men are just pining for the fjords. A plague of locusts is bad enough, but when the locusts are each a yard long, the farmers need professional help! A swarm of giant locusts has been eating all the grapes and leaves from the vineyards of Vineyard Vale! In addition, lizard folk have attacked and destroyed several steads in the vale. The farmers are desperate, but what they don't know is that these events are linked! A mage known as Rhungold the Trickster has been orchestrating the attacks and locusts to try to scare the farmers off the land so he can claim it as his own. The players slowly piece the story together by investigating a fairly linear story through a cave, a marsh, and finally to a compound owned by the wizard Rhungold. Pgs. 6-16

Cover of Dungeon Short- Perfect Corruption
Dungeon Short- Perfect Corruption
5th Edition
Levels 3–12
20 pages

In this small 25 page Gothic Horror adventure module, find the secret of the small village of Vaukelberg, where disappearances have led to a mysteriously empty town. Something is buzzing in the wheat fields, and the adventurers may not be hardy enough to survive the horrible Vander Cainse's idea of Perfect Corruption. Perfect Corruption- a 5e SRD adventure for levels 3, 7 or 12. In James Grammaticus' Dungeon Short series, James explores fantasy worlds and settings in short bite-sized one shot adventures that be used on their own, can spring off into a larger campaign, or can be used as a side-adventure in a campaign. Featuring 6 original statblocks, find out what horrible creatures lay in hiding in this horrifying Dungeon Short.

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