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Cover of The Race to Doomspace
The Race to Doomspace
5th Edition
Levels 15–16
25 pages

Wildspace is rife with tension as various factions seek to gain the upperhand against their rivals. When a highly advanced spelljamming ship is uncovered within the Doomspace system, the player characters are asked to claim it before other groups can take it for themselves. However, the party may soon come to realize that their greatest adversary might be the ship itself. What's included: 1 high-octane adventure divided into single-page sections for easy running 4 fully-colored reference maps with unlabeled battlemap versions for players (made with assets from 2-minute Tabletop) 4+ ending variations based on the player characters' decisions Content Warnings: Death, entrapment, mental manipulation, violence may soon come to realize that their greatest adversary might be the ship itself.

Cover of SJS1 Goblin's Return
SJS1 Goblin's Return
Levels 7–10
96 pages

Hundreds of years ago, the elves and goblinkin fought for control of known space in the Unhuman War. The elves emerged victorious and the goblinkin were driven out to lick their wounds an plot revenge for another day. That day has come. After centuries of plotting and building, a new race of advanced orcs known as the scro have rallied the goblins, hobgoblins, and kobolds. It is only a matter of time before they infiltrate known space to wreak destruction on the inhabited planets. The elves are looking for a few good adventurers to infiltrate a scro base and steal any information valuable to the war effort. Your PCs are offered the chance to become heroes?or die trying. Goblin's Return is a 64-page adventure set in the second Unhuman War. The first of a two-part module series, it can later be linked with Heart of the Enemy or it can be played as a stand-alone adventure. TSR 9347

Cover of SJA3 Crystal Spheres
SJA3 Crystal Spheres
Levels 5–7
64 pages

Traveling the space lanes is risky and mysterious, and danger comes in many forms. The rescue of a tiny ship from pirate attackers leads to the discovery of a monumental, supernatural evil. Nothing is ever routine in space. Crystal Spheres takes player characters through four unique crystal spheres to battle a powerful force of darkness. Player Characters will find themselves fighting not just for their lives, but the fate of an entire solar system and its millions of inhabitants. TSR 9299

Cover of Scourge of Scalabar
Scourge of Scalabar
Levels 1–3
18 pages

Pirates and powderkegs. An undersea menace has the merchants of Scalabar up in arms. A strange sea monster is plaguing the trade ships near Scalabar, a coastal city. You have arrived in Scalabar at the behest of Sora Calhaigne. The lady of House Calhaigne needs brave heroes to investigate the loss of her galleon, the Morning Star. She has reason to believe that the sea monster is not what it seems. Includes a list of random city encounters, a keyed map of the port city, Scalabar, as well as a simple overland map of the Scalabar coast, a map of a typical two-story warehouse, a keyed map of the pirate caves, and a keyed map of the ship Thresher. Pgs. 10-27

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