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Cover of Daughters of Fury
Daughters of Fury
Level 3
63 pages

When devils slay the knightly leader of Arwyll Stead and orcs from the Hell's Fury tribe attack the town, all hope seems lost for the brave people living on Lastwall's border. The coincidental arrival of the mysterious half-orc Vegazi also raises unsettling questions, and it's up to the heroes to make sense of these events and end the Hell's Fury tribe's threat to Arwyll Stead once and for all. What does Vegazi have to do with the raiders' diabolical plot? Who will rally Arwyll Stead now that the town's icon has been cut down? And who is the mastermind orchestrating the orc tribe's alliance with devils from beyond?

Cover of The Song Pharaoh's Coda
The Song Pharaoh's Coda
Levels 9–10
37 pages

The PCs are called on to assist in retrieving the legendary Scrolls of Thoth on behalf of Khemet III, the Ruby Prince of Osirion. Along the way, they discover the ultimate fate of the ancient Song Pharoah -- and potentially assist her in her journey through the Duat, the final series of tests that a Pharaoh must face in the afterlife. It was designed as a one-shot lasting approximately 5-6 hours, but could be run as a side-quest in the Mummy's Mask adventure path. See the site for notes on adjustments to make if you are using it in that way. It includes maps, handouts, stat blocks for all of the NPCs, and Hero Lab files for Hero Lab users. Because the adventure is born digital, the page count is a rough estimate based on print previewing the pages in the site. There is no source of a printed copy other than printing one yourself (which you are welcome to do). This adventure has not been published, and is made available under the terms of the Paizo Community Use License.

Cover of The Tales of the Haunted Ravine
The Tales of the Haunted Ravine
5th Edition
46 pages

The Tale of The Haunted Ravine is a Hex Crawl Adventure of Exploration that can be used for any game system but was designed for use with D&D 5e. A Hex crawl map and random roll tables are used to create surprising encounters and mysteries for your players to interact with. Wild necrotic magic, magical mutations, undead, lost souls, and demons all cloaked in a fog fog-choked landscape; forsaken by the gods and scarred by the battle fought here long ago. Will your adventurers survive and escape the Haunted Ravine? Or will they join the legions of cursed souls imprisoned in this corrupted land?

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