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Cover of Whims of the Heart
Whims of the Heart
5th Edition
Levels 5–10
18 pages

A Beholder Love Story A dwarven mineshaft has become the new home of the heartbroken beholder Sindryl. Discover who could be wicked enough to separate Sindryl from his love Prix'am, put a stop to their plot, and restore Prix'am's missing heart. A 3-6 hour Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition adventure for Tier 2 characters. This adventure includes: 2 New Monsters (including 1 New Beholder!), 3 New Magic Items, New NPCs, a Minecart Skill Challenge, Romantic Random Encounters for the Underdark!

Cover of Dungeons on Demand: Volume One
Dungeons on Demand: Volume One
5th Edition
Levels 1–12
109 pages

THE FIRST SET OF DUNGEONS ON DEMAND ADVENTURES! The first volume of Dungeons on Demand includes the first four dungeons: Bandit's Nest - Level 1 Adventure Dungeon Insidious Experiments - Level 4 Adventure Dungeon Fierce Tempers - Level 8 Adventure Dungeon Lord of Gloomthrone - Level 12 Adventure Dungeon It also includes the following supplements: New Twists on Old Monsters - Gaming Supplement Imbued with Magic - Gaming Supplement The bundle includes hundreds of pages worth of materials and supplements sure to keep your gaming sessions busy!

Cover of Fierce Tempers
Fierce Tempers
5th Edition
Level 8
25 pages

A duergar mining expedition has led to a curious find - the entrance to the mythical Forge of Creation, where the first dwarves supposedly created the tools that brought civilization to the world. Their discovery has not gone unnoticed though, as their toiling within the forge has activated a portal to the Elemental Plane of Fire, drawing the attention of the efreeti Camus, Eyes of Midnight. The PCs are caught in a clash between the efreeti sultan and the meddlesome duergar, and must survive threats from each faction and the dangers that lurk within the forge itself!

Cover of Icicles & Brimstone
Icicles & Brimstone
5th Edition
Levels 5–8
15 pages

When a priceless relic goes missing from the archives of an ancient monastery, only one party of stalwart adventurers has the determination and strength of character to go forth and recover it from a dangerous underground fortress. That party is yours.

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