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Cover of Blood and Fire
Blood and Fire
Levels 7–9
21 pages

A bad heir day. The Land of Fate is known for its hot sands and fiery passions. You must survive both to restore order to the city. An evil order of wizards is terrorizing local towns. It is up to the party to find their secret lair and put an end to their nefarious plots. Pgs. 34-53 & 57

Cover of The Raider's Hideout
The Raider's Hideout
4th Edition
Level 4
6 pages

The Raiders’ Hideout is a series of underground chambers (or perhaps the interior of a pyramid) that serves as a base of operations for a band of gnoll desert raiders. The PCs have come to exact a measure of justice for recent brutal caravan raids. They’ve tracked the gnolls to their lair, where they intend to end the threat to desert trade once and for all. Pgs. 30-35

Cover of UK3 The Gauntlet
UK3 The Gauntlet
Levels 3–6
38 pages

Indomitable it stood for centuries, a symbol of order in a world of chaos. Bastion of the pass through the Kamph Mountains, the very stones of the Keep of Adlerweg were the stuff of legends. What evil power had strength enough to take it? How were its defenses swept aside? Fell creatures now attend the battlements that overlook the only pass between Berghof and the sea. This is not a pretty problem to be solved by the militia of the local villages. These and more may be needed to withstand the mayhem stirred up by the fall of the keep. Indeed, if the Keep is not retaken, and retaken soon, the Hold of the Sea Princes itself may not be secure. Now is the time for heroic action. Aided by the Sentinel, former protector of the legendary Guardians of Adlerweg, have you the courage and the determination to rid the keep of its sinister occupants? UK3: "The Gauntlet" (1984), by Graeme Morris, is the third UK-series adventure and the second half of the two-part Adlerweg series. It was run as the final round of the GamesFair 1983 AD&D Open (and won by a RuneQuest fan!). It was then published in 1984. TSR 9111

Cover of Never Say Die
Never Say Die
4th Edition
Levels 4–6
13 pages

"Gnolls have captured the heroes! After stripping the characters of all equipment except their armor and clothing, the gnolls drag them to an expansive briar maze known as the Twisted Thickets and set them loose. Then, armed to the teeth, the gnolls hunt down their prey. The characters must survive the hunt and outwit their pursuers. After dealing with the gnoll hunters, the heroes can try to reclaim their lost equipment and exact revenge on the tribe, which lairs in the caves beneath Dead Gnoll’s Eye Socket."

Cover of In Its Horrid Wake
In Its Horrid Wake
5th Edition
Level 7
2 pages

We saw it—don’t turn your heads. Up near Hilltop Crossroad and the temple. It walked south; the trees fell in its path. Even the moon hid. Gods help Father Dren . . .

Cover of 5e Arena
5e Arena
5th Edition
Levels 0–5
? pages

5e Arena is a pit-fighting game based on the rules of the RPG that's synonymous with fantasy adventure. Choose the rank of competition, then battle against three foes back-to-back to win fame, gold, and perhaps more. This game is designed to be compatible with your at-home or online campaign. You can play between sessions or (with your GM's permission) while other players are shopping, crafting, or role-playing. The game is designed for characters from level 1 to level 3, but higher-level characters could still find a challenge by playing multiple ranks without a rest. Each rank takes about 10-15 minutes to complete. Features Keeps track of enemy rolls and abilities Provides gridded maps for each encounter Easy tracking of enemy HP Unique backstory for every opponent Opponent strategies intelligently change with context Mobile-friendly

Cover of SJA3 Crystal Spheres
SJA3 Crystal Spheres
Levels 5–7
64 pages

Traveling the space lanes is risky and mysterious, and danger comes in many forms. The rescue of a tiny ship from pirate attackers leads to the discovery of a monumental, supernatural evil. Nothing is ever routine in space. Crystal Spheres takes player characters through four unique crystal spheres to battle a powerful force of darkness. Player Characters will find themselves fighting not just for their lives, but the fate of an entire solar system and its millions of inhabitants. TSR 9299

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