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Cover of The Saint's Tomb
The Saint's Tomb
5th Edition
Level 1
30 pages

The Saint's Tomb is a single-player gamebook-style adventure that is playable in your browser. You make a 1st level character sheet, roll your own dice (though 2 of each are supplied in-browser), keep up with your inventory, spells, and HP, and click on options as you make decisions. It was written to help new players learn the game, but it should be fun for experienced players too. In the game, you'll investigate a mysterious figure who has a suspicious interest in the tomb of a dead priest. You'll battle the undead, figure out problems and roll the dice to save your city! The Saint's Tomb is free, though you can leave a tip if you're able by clicking "Support this Game". A Spanish translation is available as "La Cripta Sagrada"

Cover of Feast of Dust
Feast of Dust
Level 11
64 pages

A deadly curse known as the Feast of Dust spreads rapidly through the Meraz Desert, driving its victims mad with hunger and a burning desire to flee into the sands. To find the source of this strange affliction, the heroes must investigate the plagued city of Dimayen, challenging fearsome gnoll tribes, nihilistic daemons, and the walking dead to discover the secret of a long-forgotten evil—a powerful daemon harbinger called the Jackal Prince of Famine. Despite the efforts of an ancient secret society, this twisted, unholy monstrosity walks the world again, threatening to spread his apocalyptic curse across all of Golarion! To stop the demigod's return, the heroes must uncover his three vile siblings, now bound within malevolent artifacts, and use their combined powers to stop the Jackal Prince before the entire world feels his corrupting touch.

Cover of SPA3: Crypt of the Elven King
SPA3: Crypt of the Elven King
5th Edition
Level 4
43 pages

Delve into the depths of the tomb of the long forgotten elven king to bring the eternal peace onto its disturbed dwellers. A 4-hour adventure for two 4th level characters. Small Party Adventure: Though the party size of 3–5 characters is considered optimal in D&D, there are times when you can only gather one or two players at most. This adventure is designed exactly for such occasions.

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