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Cover of A Dark Veil Falls
A Dark Veil Falls
5th Edition
Levels 2–3
14 pages

While exploring for hints of the Kobolds lair, an unexpected plea changes everything. This is the fourth and final adventure in a miniseries with the following adventures being: A Chance Encounter The Mystic Circle An Urgent Rescue In addition to the adventure, there are a few of maps of the adventure area as separate jpeg files. There is also a printer friendly version of the adventure.

Cover of Coppernight Hold
Coppernight Hold
4th Edition
Level 1
6 pages

Kavalar Coppernight, a dwarf prospector, led a couple of dozen volunteers in a quest for rich veins of ore. Several months ago, they began underground mining operations, as well as a surface excavation for a small keep. Hearing of this development, the mayor of the nearest town sent two veteran militia members to investigate. They should have returned two days ago, and the mayor is growing anxious. The PCs are asked by the mayor to find out what happened to the two militia members. Pgs. 12-17

Cover of An Urgent Rescue
An Urgent Rescue
5th Edition
Levels 2–3
11 pages

A family has been abducted and the village of Myrehall needs help in getting them back. This is the third adventure in a miniseries with the following adventures being: A Chance Encounter The Mystic Circle A Dark Veil Falls

Cover of Veratrem's Tribal Siege
Veratrem's Tribal Siege
5th Edition
Levels 5–8
33 pages

Fight off an ambitious young green dragon in this expansion for Storm King's Thunder! This adventure is designed for the Storm King's Thunder campaign and is intended to give your players extra content during Chapter 3. It will bring your party to Wealdham, a small town located in the Westwood. There, they will face off with Veratrem, a young green dragon that has taken control of a local kobold tribe. If the adventurers think they can easily take the weak creatures, they have a surprise coming to them... Veratrem's Tribal Siege is a 5-8 hour adventure for Tier 2 Characters (optimized for APL 6). It has enough material for 1-2 full sessions, depending on how thorough your party is. Alternatively, Veratrem's Tribal Siege works very well as a standalone adventure for players who are not familiar with Storm King's Thunder at all.

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