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Cover of CB1 Conan Unchained!
CB1 Conan Unchained!
Levels 10–14
32 pages

His name is Conan, and no man can stand before him in battle." "Conan the Conqueror" by Robert E. Howard In an age long ago, there existed a hero - Conan. With fiery will, he slashed his name across the ancient lands of Hyboria. It was a time when bravery, trickery, and magic decided men's fates, and a steel sword could make the difference between life and death. For the daring, strong, and clever, there were fortunes to find and lands to rule. Travel back to this with Conan and his companions, Juma, Valeria, and Nestor. Travel back to defeat the dark horrors of his land! TSR 9123

Cover of Aesirhamar
Levels 9–16
12 pages

The characters are summoned by the Norse gods to track down two dwarves, one of whom has made a weapon for the giants to use against the gods. The mission takes the characters to Jotunheim, on the plane of Gladsheim, to take the god-slaying weapon from the giants.

Cover of Dungeon Crawl Classics #80: Intrigue at the Court of Chaos
Dungeon Crawl Classics #80: Intrigue at the Court of Chaos
Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG
Level 1
28 pages

At the mercy of Chaos! Abducted by the Court of Chaos, the adventurers face hard choices if they want to return home. The Host of Chaos desires a legendary artifact held by the Scions of Law and need patsies to retrieve it. Faced with an eternity of servitude, the party must sneak into the Plane of Law and steal the Yokeless Egg from under its guardians’ watch. But not all is what it appears when the Court of Chaos is concerned and serving the Host may destroy the party from within. Can they survive the Intrigue At the Court of Chaos?

Cover of The Demon Stones
The Demon Stones
Levels 4–5
79 pages

When huge stones fall out of the night sky, A deadly curse settles over Gravencross. Help the village exorcise the Demon Stones. “The sun had set an hour ago, and the rain lashed down and the wind howled on the dark moor. A storm this late in the season was unusual, but this one seemed different. The clouds were more menacing, tinged with anger, the rain colder and more biting than usual. Skerrill had to find the lost calf and get him back to the farm before his father came back from the city on business. He’d been looking for two hours now, and he was right in the middle of the moor when the storm hit. He knew he should have turned back as soon as darkness fell, but then he was never the brightest boy in the valley. If only he had remembered to lock the farm gate. The calf was now likely dead anyway having stumbled among the boulders and rocks, panicking in the dark, and then fallen in a floodwater stream and drowned. Either way, he was in more trouble than he could imagine. Suddenly, a bright flash of white light and a roaring peal of thunder were preceded by an explosion as a huge object fell from the sky and impacted the ground of the moor no more than a stone’s throw from him. Dirt, mud, water, and debris erupted from the impact site, flying high into the air and then covering the moor for hundreds of feet all around. Skerrill was knocked to the ground instantly and covered in the fallout from the blast. His ears rang and his head spun, but he staggered to his feet in a daze. He stumbled to where the blast had happened only moments before, and in a depression in the ground lay a huge stone glowing orange as if hot. Skerrill passed out. Two more thunderous explosions crashed in the distance.”

Cover of The Undying Tournament
The Undying Tournament
5th Edition
Level 8
6 pages

Within the darakhul city of Gonderif, at the nadir of a thousand‑foot‑deep chasm, is the site of a vile tournament where Gonderif ’s most rebellious slaves and war prisoners are forced to fight to the death—and through undeath after undeath—until only one living champion remains. Whether they came as captives or as liberators, the PCs must survive the Undying Tournament.

Cover of The Sunbathers
The Sunbathers
Level 3
16 pages

A level 3 temple incursion adventure by Brad Kerr. In a golden temple of healing on a sundrenched island, blissful amnesiac patients are held prisoner by monstrous caretakers. Intruding PCs will need their wits and their swords to unravel the temple’s secrets, snatch its treasures, and escape. For Old-School Essentials (OSE) Included as one of four adventures in "Old-School Essentials Adventure Anthology 1"

Cover of BSOLO Ghost of Lion Castle
BSOLO Ghost of Lion Castle
Levels 1–3
32 pages

"A great cat sits upon the northern grasslands, my friend, waiting to pounce on adventurers just like you." As you part the tall grass with your sword, the words of the tavernkeeper echo in your head. "He was the mightiest wizard we'd ever known, and that Lion Castle was his home." Your friends' voices mingle with the tavernkeeper's. "He's but a ghost now, haunting those halls, and waiting for an heir." The ground rises slightly. A strong wind rushes through the field. Suddenly, the grasses part, and Lion Castle rises majestically before you! "Magical riches await those who enter!" "Beware of man-beasts!" Voices flood your head again. Will you brave the haunted castle? Can you afford not to? It's all up to you in this D&D Solo Adventure. Ghost of Lion Castle is for one player only, but that one player makes all of the choices and enjoys all of the rewards. An entire castle and courtyard await your exploration. The adventure also includes a complete solo combat system. TSR 9097

Cover of M2 Maze of the Riddling Minotaur
M2 Maze of the Riddling Minotaur
Levels 1–10
32 pages

For a long time you have heard legends about the Island of Vacros; when you were only a child, the stories about evil minotaurs were used to scare you into behaving. Now you are grown, and you no longer believe children's stories. But King Trueon of Cathos is worried: his daughter Princess Lydora has been kidnapped, and he has found clues that she has been taken to the ancient and evil island of Vacros. You have heard rumors that a large and dangerous mazework lies beneath the surface of the island - a mazework that is guarded by minotaurs. Of course many rumors are false, but then again... The Maze of the Riddling Minotaur is the second in a series of invisible ink modules: using the invisible ink pen included in this module, you may play the adventure by yourself. After you have played the solo version, you have not used up the module: instructions are provided as to how you may change the solo version into an exciting group adventure! TSR 9060

Cover of Following the Tracks
Following the Tracks
Level 5
40 pages

A caravan was attacked, and their valuable magical beasts were stolen. The caravan owners hire the adventurers to find their stolen cargo and bring them back safely. But once the heroes find the bandits, they may discover that they are not really just "thieves". Depending on their decision, they may end up travelling to the fey world or battling the bandits for the creatures. A wilderness adventure compatible with the first edition of Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. Whether you want to run an adventure where druid and ranger characters feel at home, or challenge a party of city slickers, Following the Tracks will allow the party to explore the savannah in a wholesome adventure. The module provides a branching point, where the adventurers will have to make a decision which will lead them to widely different paths. It also includes alternative hooks to suit different play styles. Published by RPG Writer Workshop

Cover of DDA1 Arena of Thyatis
DDA1 Arena of Thyatis
Levels 2–3
32 pages

It's party time in Thyatis... And simply everyone is going to the magnificent Villa Osteropolus, home of the wealthy old senator, Helenites. Raucous fun, exotic food, and even advanced betting on the upcoming Arena games are expected. Even adventurers just in from the outlands may meet the powerful here. So don your festive togas, for in Thyatis City there are important connections to be made and deeds to be done, duels to be fought and fame to be won. (But beware, oh Adventurer! The politics of Thyatis can be as labyrinthine as mazes beneath the Coliseum...) This module is designed especially for the DM who wants to sharpen his interactive skills. Presenting the detailed layout of a Thyatian noble's mansion and maps of the multi-level Coliseum of Thyatis. Four four to six characters, levels 2-3 Brief guide to Thyatis legal system New optional class, the Rake Fast unarmed combat system, including disarming attacks Special appendix on creating Thyatian names Featuring the DM's Guide to Winging It TSR 9284

Cover of Rappan Athuk - The Dungeon of Graves (5E)
Rappan Athuk - The Dungeon of Graves (5E)
5th Edition
Levels 4–7
662 pages

The Dungeon of Graves, is nothing more and nothing less than a good, old–fashioned, First Edition dungeon crawl updated for the 5th Edition Roleplaying Game. Very difficult, it should strike fear into the hearts of the most stalwart adventurers. It offers an abundance of traps, tricks, and monsters. We hope that you find this module as fun and exciting as those thousands of players who have ventured into (and not as often out of) the endless caverns and mazes of Rappan Athuk—The Dungeon of Graves. Rappan Athuk is a difficult dungeon. Even the upper dungeon levels should not be attempted by a party of less than six mid-level characters.

Cover of House of Cards
House of Cards
Levels 9–12
26 pages

The fate of a city lies within a dungeon whose doors are sealed with - cards It's up to you to bring it tumbling down. “House of Cards” combined dungeon exploration with the Deck of Many Things to create an adventure experience unlike anything seen before. The deck is both a treasure and a trap, guarding a tomb complex that’s being used by the Night Masks thieves’ guild as a lair. If the PCs want the deck for themselves, they must first gather all the cards, which is easier said than done. - Christopher Perkins Pgs. 38-64

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