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Cover of HWA1 Nightwail
HWA1 Nightwail
Levels 6–8
64 pages

Introductory module for the Hollow World setting. First Adventure in the Blood Brethren Trilogy. Into the Depths! Under the ruins of Barleycorn Monastery, a tunnel leads one thousand miles downward. Through it, a rescue mission into the Broken Lands turns much stranger. Much more Serious. For the trail leads to the Hollow World. Launch your D&D game players into fabulous lost-worlds adventure across the Hollow World! Travel the Azcan Empire. Explore the secret labyrinth of the Great Pyramid in Chitlacan. Fly to the core of the world and enter the Smoking Mirror, before the monstrous Prince Kano enacts his devastating scheme - a scheme called: NIGHTWAIL! Nightwail is the first adventure for the D&D Hollow World Campaign Set. (The Hollow World boxed set is required to play.) This 64-page adventure fits easily into your existing campaign, either as a stand-alone adventure or as part of the continent-spanning Blood Brethren trilogy. These three linked modules can be played in any order - but the adventure starts here! Easily adaptable to the AD&D game! TSR 9303

Tales of Good & Evil
5th Edition
Levels 1–4
35 pages

As the City of a Thousand Forges perseveres in the face of threats both internal and external, the effects of the planar portal continue to make everyone uneasy. When unusual individuals are drawn to the city because of the portal’s power, heroes are asked to keep the peace and ferret out anyone intending to bring harm to Melvaunt. A D&D Adventurers League adventure set in Melvaunt. The characters investigate six groups/individuals to work out their real purposes in Melvaunt.

Cover of Old Olga and Young Yvonne
Old Olga and Young Yvonne
5th Edition
Levels 1–4
65 pages

Old Olga and Young Yvonne is a four- to six-hour adventure for 1st-4th level characters, designed for Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition, with a village theme, hags and witches, an abducted child to save, some horror, and mysteries to solve! Willow Creek, a remote farming village, is in trouble: livestock is going missing and reappears gutted in the woods, crops fail and fields blight - and now the bastard child of young Yvonne has gone missing as well. What no one in the village knows: Yvonne is a budding witch secretly feuding with Old Olga, an evil hag in the woods - who now demands a human sacrifice from Yvonne in return for her child. Who can sort out this mess, bring back the innocent child, prevent a murder, and return peace and quiet to Willow Creek? This adventure can also be used as a mini-campaign sandbox. With the branching and inter-connecting scenes, locations, and NPCs it provides, combined with the guidance on how to run a "village adventure", the material provided here on more than 60 pages can easily cover up to eight hours of playtime. Included with this adventure are: + an original custom creature, the young witch + 12 original fleshed out NPCs, including personality traits and roleplaying tips + a toolset for creating villager NPCs quickly + 7 hand-drawn maps of important locations + 4 alternative story rewards (depending on how the adventure resolves)

Cover of Cirria's Gambit
Cirria's Gambit
5th Edition
Levels 2–4
66 pages

Welcome to Cirria’s Gambit, a four- to six-hour adventure for 2nd-4th level characters, designed for Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition! This adventure invites you and your players to a fiendishly fun party with revengeful devils, a succubus who just wants to go back to hell, snobbish nobles, intoxicated socialites and one really irritated banshee! Cirria wants to go to hell! There is only one tiny problem: her mistress Glasya, archdevil of the sixth layer, has banished her for insubordination. So, what’s a succubus to do in Cirria’s place? Take over a local noble family and organize a grand feast like this boring plane has never seen before to channel the emotional energy of her guests into a ritual to open a portal, of course! Isn’t it obvious? Cirria’s plan only had one tiny unaccounted for issue: Lady Kaera, matron of the noble house Cirria targeted, is a banshee. Cirria found a momentary solution – but that will only hold so long as no intrepid group of adventurers disrupts it… This adventure can be run as a one-shot or inserted into an on-going campaign. The theme fits Baldur’s Gate: Descent into Avernus particularly well!

Cover of Warrens of the Stone Giant Thane
Warrens of the Stone Giant Thane
4th Edition
Levels 14–16
38 pages

To stop a devastating rampage of giants across the land, the party must venture into the lair of the stone giant thane Arnak to uncover the truth about why he has broken his peace with the neighboring dwarves. In the process, they will have the opportunity to retrieve important symbols of the fight against the giants and uncover a dangerous excavation. The adventure is part of the "Against the Giants" series originally by Gary Gygax, hence the writing credit.

Cover of IM2 The Wrath of Olympus
IM2 The Wrath of Olympus
Immortal Level
48 pages

Immortals lie chained atop a mountain in the Broken Lands. Their bonds relentlessly drain their power while demons cavort with glee around the wispy barrier, as strong as any prison. Have you the courage to embark on a dangerous mission for the materials necessary to craft an artifact? If you survive that task, you must then assume the Identities of legendary heroes of Darokin and face deadly Immortal foes without revealing your Immortality! The demons of Entropy stand between you and your final Goal. Have you the power to rescue the imprisoned Immortals and preserve the Prime Plane? The future of the Prime Plane is in your Hands! TSR 9189

Cover of Night of the Vampire
Night of the Vampire
Levels 1–6
32 pages

You are cordially invited to a masquerade celebrating the engagement of Lady Laina Vandevic to Lord Iajo Moubotka. Lord Gustav Vandevic welcomes you to his manor for an evening's entertainment. The servants are delighted to make your acquaintance - but watch out for the other guests! Intrigues within intrigues are afoot in Vandevicsny Manor. When a celebration becomes a night of terror, only the most cunning heroes will survive! TSR 2509

Cover of Unearthed Adventures: Volume I
Unearthed Adventures: Volume I
5th Edition
Levels 1–18
9 pages

Unearthed Adventures Volume I is a collection of six professionally written one-page adventures for Fifth Edition Dungeons and Dragons. They are designed to be modular, they can be tossed into an ongoing RPG campaign or run as a single adventure. They're easily expanded upon to fit every DM's playstyle. Published by Crit Academy

Cover of Blood Money
Blood Money
4th Edition
Levels 7–9
25 pages

The party's objective is to steal the gold that a tyrant would use to pay the mercenaries he has hired to take over the town of Elderwood. The adventure plays out as a caper over three in-game days.

Cover of The Lamenting Lighthouse
The Lamenting Lighthouse
5th Edition
Levels 5–10
45 pages

The Lamenting Lighthouse is a four-hour adventure for 5th-10th level characters, designed for Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition, with a nautical theme, heavy undead and horror elements, and mysteries to solve! One lonely lighthouse shines the way through the rocks and shoals that deny entry to the northern Moonshae Isles. But when the party’s transport approaches, a horrific gale at their backs - no light is in sight... The party must venture ahead of their vessel in a race against the storm to the restore the beacon before their ship is lost. What has befallen the keepers, and what dark secret does the lighthouse hold? Will the heroes prevail, or will they join the lighthouse's lament? This adventure can easily be inserted into a run-through of Ghosts of Saltmarsh. This one-shot can also serve as a nautical interlude in any on-going campaign where the characters have to take to the sea. Included with this adventure are: + 6 original custom creatures, the dread wraith, the dread wight, the swarm of seagulls, the captain, the rating, and the sailor + 12 player hand-outs with notes that shed light on the mystery of the lamenting lighthouse, with a randomization mechanic that ensures a degree of replayability + 9 original fleshed out NPCs, including personality traits and roleplaying tips + 2 original magical artifacts + 7 hand-drawn maps of important locations + a story reward and 2 story hooks for continuing the adventure (depending on how the adventure resolves)

Cover of Treaty of the Tiger King
Treaty of the Tiger King
5th Edition
Levels 1–3
17 pages

A lone king arrives at the city's bustling harbor with hopes of negotiating peace for his people in a distant land. But an assassination attempt puts his mission in danger and reveals the king's hidden enemies. Can the characters protect King Rami and help him gain the political influence needed to achieve a lasting peace treaty? Treaty of the Tiger King is a diplomacy-focused, urban one-shot for 1st-3rd level characters. It take about 3-4 hours to complete and includes: -Social events, intrigue, and hidden assassins -Respect-earning mechanics that influence a treaty negotiation -Combat cards for each monster, PC, and special treasure -High quality digital maps for use with virtual tabletops

Cover of An Axe To Grind
An Axe To Grind
5th Edition
Levels 3–4
29 pages

The frontier town of Ehrshire is expanding rapidly, much to the delight of the burgeoning town’s lord, Earl Wallace Viktir. In need of timber to expand his seat of power, the earl has sent logging crews to the surrounding forest, although recent delays have caused him to become anxious and impulsive. Earl Viktir has left for the logging site to see what is causing the setbacks, only to discover it disturbingly vacant! The task now falls to the PCs to catch up with the missing Earl Viktir and sort out the trouble in the woods, but such as task is easier said than done. Something has roused the local plant-life into a frenzy, as if the entire forest has an axe to grind against the loggers! Will the party be able to get to the root of the problem… or will they be left barking up the wrong tree? Dungeons on Demand is a line instant dungeons you can drop into your campaign, each is designed for 4-5 player parties of specified levels, and each dungeon is complete with a back story, hand drawn maps, traps, puzzles, and reference information to monsters and treasure. You can customize each one to fit in your campaign however you wish, and each one can be played through in one or two gaming sessions.

Cover of Madness in Freeport
Madness in Freeport
3.5 Edition
Levels 4–6
72 pages

Madness in Freeport, the final part of the Freeport Trilogy, details the final confrontation between the PCs, the Brotherhood of the Yellow Sign, and Sea Lord Milton Drac. In Part One, the Drac invites the PCs to the Grand Lighthouse Ball. Careful investigation can reveal the secret purpose of the lighthouse. In Parts Two and Three, the PCs must recover a powerful artifact to thwart the Brotherhood's plans. They must pass through an infamous pirate's hidden caves, then search a sunken temple of the serpent god Yig. In Part Four, the heroes must enter the Grand Lighthouse, AKA Milton's Folly, in a race against time to stop the Brotherhood's world-shaking master plan from coming to fruition. (Bibliographic note: This adventure was originally written for v.3.0, and later updated to the v.3.5 rules. The revised versions of Death, Terror, and Madness in Freeport were reprinted in an omnibus edition, along with two shorter filler adventures, as The Freeport Edition: Five Year Anniversary Edition.)

Cover of Touch of Winter
Touch of Winter
5th Edition
Levels 1–5
5 pages

Though villagers fear the monster in the water, the rusalka seeks the help of a party of adventurers to save her sister. The local village is welcoming and kind on the surface, but many there hide a dark secret that they would do anything to keep concealed. Pgs. 29-33

Cover of Ebonclad - A Thieves' Guild Setting & Adventures
Ebonclad - A Thieves' Guild Setting & Adventures
5th Edition
Levels 1–4
170 pages

Inside Ebonclad you'll find: 170 pages of setting lore and history, accompanied by lavish illustrations and short stories to bring the setting to life. 7 adventures for character levels 1 - 4 GMs can use to introduce new players to the setting, or customize for use in their own campaigns. Tons of character options including new backgrounds, subclasses, feats, equipment, poisons, and spells. Tools for GMs to generate random citizens, valuables they may possess, the contents of their pockets or purses, and ways of determining how connected they are and how they'd react to witnessing crimes. Dozens of new NPCs, from generic stat blocks for thieves in the Ebonclad guild or town guard, to specific characters living in the city. A primer on thievery, for characters who live the life of crime. Over 30 random street encounters with different customization options a GM can use. New urban chase complications specific to the setting. More than a dozen encounter area maps saved as PNG files to print or use online.

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