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Cover of The White Boar of Kilfay
The White Boar of Kilfay
Levels 3–7
16 pages

A dangerous beast - but one with a mission. Even the gods slip up now and then, but few dare remind them of it. Ri Conn's son was killed by the white boar of Kilfay, and he has passed sentence of death upon it! What starts as a hunting expedition for the PCs ends up being a grand adventure through the forest. Several interesting set pieces on the path of the boar's rampage are included in the adventure. The path of destruction leads through a goblin camp and ends in the tower of a now-dead mage (which still holds the target of the boar's ire, a mutated bulette that the mage bred). Will the party help the boar kill the bulette mutation, or let it free? Pgs. 32-47

Cover of Thunder Under Needlespire
Thunder Under Needlespire
Levels 8–12
23 pages

From the magazine: "The monster you're sent out after is so dangerous that even mind flayers fear it. And the illithids want your help!" Earthquakes hit the area around Needlespire mountain, affecting both dwarven and deep gnome villages, and the local mining industry. Deep gnome expeditions discover an illithid outpost! This adventure includes roleplaying encounters with both deep gnomes and illithid in their quest for the true cause of the earthquakes. The creature causing the earthquakes is a draknor which has sent its huge tentacles into the earth seeking magma to fuel its growth. Pgs. 38-60

Cover of The Mother's Curse
The Mother's Curse
Levels 3–5
18 pages

Wednesday's child... It's a blessed event only if you can end the curse in time. People have been disappearing form the town of Monetenapoleone and a swamp has appeared blocking the towns trade route. It is up to the players to find what is causing all of these strange events and to stop it. Pgs. 32-49

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