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Cover of Cradle of Night
Cradle of Night
Levels 8–10
64 pages

A desperate refugee emerges from the earth's depths in shadow-cloaked Nidal with an urgent pleas. A new faction in the subterranean dark folk city of Lyrudrada -- a wicked cult called the Reborn -- seeks a fabled artifact called the Cradle of Night. Vanished demigods of the Shadow Plane once used this artifact to craft the elusive caligni race, and the Reborn want to use it to shroud the world in darkness once more. Cursed with the stain of shadow, the heroes must battle their way through the tomb of an ancient horselord chieftain before descending to Lyrudrada. Plots and schemes run rampant in this city riven with political upheavals and back-alley bloodshed, and the heroes must collect allies and information to confront the Reborn in their fortified fane. With the mysterious masters of the caligni race arrayed against them, can the heroes hope to shed their shadowy curse and claim the Cradle of Night?

Cover of Thunder Under Needlespire
Thunder Under Needlespire
Levels 8–12
23 pages

From the magazine: "The monster you're sent out after is so dangerous that even mind flayers fear it. And the illithids want your help!" Earthquakes hit the area around Needlespire mountain, affecting both dwarven and deep gnome villages, and the local mining industry. Deep gnome expeditions discover an illithid outpost! This adventure includes roleplaying encounters with both deep gnomes and illithid in their quest for the true cause of the earthquakes. The creature causing the earthquakes is a draknor which has sent its huge tentacles into the earth seeking magma to fuel its growth. Pgs. 38-60

Cover of Melancholy Meetings
Melancholy Meetings
Levels 4–6
32 pages

Forlorn is a dreary yet dangerous place, a land of secrets and whispers. Visitors can expect to find no safe rest, no respite from the terrible creatures that plague this land. The skies are perpetually overcast and the land is damp with rain. By night, sheet lightning illuminates the sky in ghastly colors. Even if the intrepid adventurers who come to explore Forlorn know that the lord of this domain is forever trapped within his strange castle, they should take small comfort from it. Servants of Tristen ApBlanc roam freely, and the land itself is horribly twisted. The encounters in this book are designed to offer an introduction to Forlorn and provide clues about both its lord and his home. Melancholy Meetings is intended to be used before the castle adventure book, Eve of Sorrows, but it's not necessary for the PCs to experience all of the encounters in this book before embarking upon the next. Included in Castles Forlorn - https://www.adventurelookup.com/adventures/castles-forlorn TSR 1088, from 1993

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