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Cover of Locathah Rising
Locathah Rising
5th Edition
Level 9
39 pages

The Sea of Fallen Stars connects the eastern and western sides of Faerûn. Many nations that border shorelines along its vast expanse also maintain major navies and trade fleets. A plethora of creatures and humanoid races typically found in the ocean depths live there, including sahuagin, sea elves, merfolk, and locathah. This is a story about what happens when a normally peaceful species is pushed to the point of open conflict. As elemental forces threaten the safety of the nearby locathah communities, heroes rise from among their number to strike back and defend their homes and families. Locathah Rising is a DUNGEONS & DRAGONS adventure designed for 9th-level characters.

Cover of Beauty Corrupt
Beauty Corrupt
Levels 4–5
12 pages

Silent alarm. Who put the dip in diplomat? A small costal town is being attacked by witch's and its up to the party to put a stop to them. Pgs. 58-69

Cover of S2 White Plume Mountain
S2 White Plume Mountain
Levels 5–10
16 pages

A traditional "funhouse" dungeon, White Plume Mountain begins with the archmage Keraptis stealing three artifacts and leaving cryptic poems with their former owners. The players are hired to recover the items, and find a bizarre dungeon in the side of the eponymous volcano. TSR 9027

Cover of The Temple of Poseidon
The Temple of Poseidon
Levels 7–10
16 pages

For the past several days, dozens of strong earthquakes have rocked the coastal area surrounding the underground Temple of Poseidon. Since the first quake, there have been a growing number of reports of strange events and macabre occurrences throughout the area. Several families near the temple have abandoned their farms and refused to return. They claim to have been terrorized by inhuman specters who prowled about their farms late at night. One of the farmers says he found a farm animal crucified and eviscerated in a ritualistic fashion on his front porch. Following the first tremors, all communications with the Temple of Poseidon, seemingly the center of the troubled area, were cut off. Messengers dispatched to the temple to request guidance from the Holy Oracle located there have not returned. Now the darkness has spread to this town. Unnatural births have occurred. Strange cries can be heard in the night, and there is a cowl around the moon. Magical divining has proven useless in naming the dark forces that invade. Many of the townspeople have already abandoned their homes and those who remain have but one recourse left: They have sent out a cry for hardened adventurers, experienced in dispatching evil. They must travel to the temple to discover the fate of the men there, and, if possible, elicit their help in destroying the growing heinous power. Pgs. 31-46

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