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Cover of Night on Devil's Peak
Night on Devil's Peak
5th Edition
Level 6
25 pages

On the night of the rare Witch Moon, a binding spell placed over the mighty devil Tchernabog finally breaks. Will the characters be able to survive the night of boiling hellfire, furious undead, and diabolical mayhem Tchernabog orchestrates from atop Devil's Peak? Night on Devil's Peak is an apocalyptic, events-based survival adventure for 6th-level characters. It takes about 5-6 hours to complete and includes: -The awakening of a CR 24 devil, mighty Tchernabog! -A powerful holy relic the characters can wield in battle -Two diabolical new monsters: Tchernabog and giant flaming skeletons -Combat cards for each monster, PC, and special treasure -Gorgeous digital maps (with and without grid) for virtual table tops

Cover of Finders Keepers
Finders Keepers
5th Edition
Level 20
61 pages

How many times have you started a campaign and it dissolved before you reached the top tier? How many builds have you made, all of them assuming reaching level 20, but you have never managed to try them out? Put your regular campaign on hold and see what happens when PCs reach level 20! “Finders Keepers” is an epic Dungeons and Dragons adventure, set in Forgotten Realms and beyond. The stakes are high: the location of one of the legendary Books of Keeping has been discovered, and now various powers of the universe vie for control over that power… Devils, demons and fallen angels; the mighty shall fall and who is going to be left smelling the ashes? The adventure starts with a fight with an ancient red dragon. Then things escalate and your players will have their 20th level spells, powers, and skills tested! Battle the game's most powerful beings, visit distant planes and make world-shaping decisions! The fate of Toril is in their hands…

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