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Cover of Never Say Die
Never Say Die
4th Edition
Levels 4–6
13 pages

"Gnolls have captured the heroes! After stripping the characters of all equipment except their armor and clothing, the gnolls drag them to an expansive briar maze known as the Twisted Thickets and set them loose. Then, armed to the teeth, the gnolls hunt down their prey. The characters must survive the hunt and outwit their pursuers. After dealing with the gnoll hunters, the heroes can try to reclaim their lost equipment and exact revenge on the tribe, which lairs in the caves beneath Dead Gnoll’s Eye Socket."

Cover of UN2 The Delve into the Stellar Mine
UN2 The Delve into the Stellar Mine
Levels 3–5
? pages

A Pliable Dungeon for use with any fantasy sandbox. This adventure is formatted to both 1E & 5E gaming rules.

Cover of Dungeon Crawl Classics #82: Bride of the Black Manse
Dungeon Crawl Classics #82: Bride of the Black Manse
Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG
Levels 3–5
25 pages

Centuries past, Lady Ilse ascended to scion of House Liis by trading the archdevil Mammon what he wanted most: her immortal soul – and a diabolical betrothal. The triumph proved hollow, for every year on the eve of her fell covenant, she was beset by visions of Mammon and her foul promise. Seeking to save herself, she was buried alive, swaddled in the holy symbols of a dozen divergent faiths. This desperate ploy held Mammon at bay for centuries…but a devil can afford to wait a very long time. After hundreds of years, the last of the holy wards has fallen. The devil has come to collect his due. Tonight a storm crashes against the ancient manor house and forgotten spirits rise from the muck and mire. The fallen belfry tolls once more, announcing the hellish fete. As the adventurers arrive to explore the Black Manse, Mammon calls for his winsome bride. He will leave with a soul at the end of the night. The only question is: Whose?

Cover of M5 Talons of Night
M5 Talons of Night
Levels 20–25
48 pages

As the cream of your crop, your party has been selected to act as diplomats on the Isle of Dawn at a historic meeting between Thyatis and Alphatia, timeless rivals. This could herald the dawning of an age of peace, unknown in the area for years past. However, things are not progressing s smoothly as planned. The powers of Entropy, headed by Alphaks, are out to ensure that this peace treaty is not finalized. Two of the diplomats are kidnaped - and you are framed! It's up to you to prove your innocence. This involves traveling to other dimensions, meeting vampiric spirits, and playing deadly games with the Night Spider. Ultimately, you must find and restore the Peaceful Periapt of Pax to its rightful place. Let the games begin. The events of Talons of Night may be played as a sequel to module M3, The Vengeance of Alphaks, or separately. The D&D Master Set Rules are necessary to run this game. TSR 9214

Cover of Crypt of the Crimson Stars
Crypt of the Crimson Stars
3.5 Edition
Level 7
8 pages

Rumors of an Eberron dragonshard of enormous size and power have reached the city of Sharn. Unfortunately, the shard is concealed winthin a Talenta Plains tomb located below a camp of cruel halfling nomads and their dinosaur pets. For centuries the Crypt of Crimson Stars has lain hidden in the vast expanse of the Talenta Plains. Now it has been found, and its legendary lost treasures draw adventurers from across the continent. Can you navigate deadly traps, fearsome guardians, and vengeful nomadic halflings to claim the prize? "Crypt of the Crimson Stars" is part one of the three-part "Shards of Eberron" Campaign Arc. Pgs. 32-41

Cover of M1 Into the Maelstrom
M1 Into the Maelstrom
Levels 25–30
32 pages

Alphatia, the most ancient empire, land of the arcane and obscure secrets. It has grown for centuries and its might now overshadows the cauldron of civilization. Some say the Alphatians come from elsewhere, but no one knows for sure. Beyond the scope of mortals broods an evil mastermind, still in darkness. Once a betrayed emperor of ancient Alphatia, now an entity of the Sphere of Entropy, he seeks revenge on the greatest empire and on the race of man. His plots brought a deathly fog on all of Norworld. Perhaps it will extend to the southern nations. The matter is grave, so much that lords of the spheres have now to show their might. For them, it is time for mortals to intervene. Man defends his cause for him to earn divine favor. A great armada has been raised and able commanders must be found. Prove your worth, and the eternal portals of the spheres may open for you. TSR 9159

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