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Cover of The Tree of Blight
The Tree of Blight
5th Edition
Levels 1–5
20 pages

A blood curdling SCREAM shatters our adventurers rest as they set up camp for the evening. Without warning the forest comes alive and a heroic struggle begins, as our adventurers battle to avoid becoming the forest's latest victims. Take your players deep into a cursed glade on a dark and stormy night to confront an evil Druidess, and a horrifically corrupt tree...

Cover of Witch of the Black Tree
Witch of the Black Tree
5th Edition
Levels 1–3
24 pages

A malicious and virulent force possesses the Vermyr Woods. The local wild-life has fled; known paths have mysteriously vanished or shifted; and locals have been found hanging dead from trees yet their eyes watch... they always watch. The hopes of the people are dwindling quickly. Believing that evil harpies have afflicted the woods, brave Captain Harkin set forth to serve them righteous justice! Even the mighty druid Algalor is nowhere to be found. Time passes and their worries compound. Why have the harpies attacked? What is the fate of Algalor and Captain Harkin? What is this mysterious evil that plagues the Vermyr woods? Who is Cartman's dad? The heroes will stumble into this mystery as they travel to Homid. They will discover the truth of the harpies as well as the fate of the heroes who safeguarded this region by delving deep into a forest labyrinth that feels alive! Will it consume them or will they be strong enough to defeat the evil at its core!

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