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Cover of Pathfinder Adventure Path #89: Palace of Fallen Stars (Iron Gods 5 of 6)
Pathfinder Adventure Path #89: Palace of Fallen Stars (Iron Gods 5 of 6)
Levels 13–15
96 pages

Book 5 in the Iron Gods campaign: Somewhere deep within Silver Mount, the greatest of the Iron Gods is rising to power. But before the heroes of Numeria can oppose it, they must f irst defeat the Technic League and the Black Sovereign, for the corrupt cabal controls access to the legendary site. Will the clues harvested from an ancient android orac­le and the technological wonders gathered from strange ruins across Numeria be enough for the heroes to prevail? Or will they simply become the latest upstarts to be crushed under the Technic League’s metal boot?

Cover of The Rod of Seven Parts
The Rod of Seven Parts
Levels 10–12
208 pages

Stirrings of an ageless war between Law and Chaos are drawing you into an epic adventure! A Struggle More Savage than Good vs. Evil Imagine a time before the words Good and Evil had meaning, a day when the world was young. Discover an ancient conflict that predates the stars. It was in these days that Law and Chaos forged worlds out of nothingness; their war began while the cosmos was yet unfinished. The Rod of Seven Parts defines epic role-playing. The reappearance of the Rod has awakened the powers of Chaos, and their queen seeks to turn the whole world into a battleground. Bold heroes must undertake the enormous task of seeking out and assembling the pieces of the Rod, but even its power cannot stand alone. Ages ago, primal forces of Law stood fast against Chaos; now their champions must once more confront the Queen of Chaos and her foul spyder-fiends, lest the flame of civilization be extinguished. Follow the quest for the capricious Rod as it leads characters on a journey of high fantasy. The Rod of Seven Parts is designed for four to six heroes and heroines of levels 10 to 12. This boxed set includes: Initiation to Power, a 96-page book of grand adventure playable in any AD&D world, including original campaigns; The War Against Chaos, a 64-page book of world-crossing adventures pitting PCs toe to toe against the minions of Chaos; Might and Menace, a 32-page book detailing the mysterious powers of the Rod of Seven Parts: how it affects both its enemies and its friends; Monsters, a 16-page book of new villains, new monsters, and even a new race! 6 two-sided reference cards; 6 full-color poster maps portraying the key locations heroes can visit. Read about this ancient artifact in the epic novel The Rod of Seven Parts by best-selling author Douglas Niles! TSR 1145

Cover of DDEX02-02 Embers of Elmwood
DDEX02-02 Embers of Elmwood
5th Edition
Levels 1–4
29 pages

A derelict raft drifts into Mulmaster’s harbor carrying a young woman. Delirious with hunger, the only words she seems able to speak so far have been “ash and fire.” The only other clue to her identity is an ornate tattoo. Is the woman insane, or is something nefarious at play?

Cover of Adventures from the Potbellied Kobold
Adventures from the Potbellied Kobold
5th Edition
Levels 1–9
174 pages

Adventures from the Potbellied Kobold provides you with fifteen unique adventures to use as one-shots, additions to your current campaign, or inspiration for a new campaign. We've even included a way to link several of the adventures, allowing you to run a short and quick campaign. The adventures use basic 5E creatures, custom creatures, and several Kobold Press creatures. Each adventure is written for a specific party level, but we've also included suggestions on how to adjust each adventure for a weaker or stronger adventuring party. In addition to fun adventures, you'll also find a few new magic items and NPCs to add to your game.

Cover of WS5.5 The Sunken City
WS5.5 The Sunken City
Levels 8–11
10 pages

The Sunken City is a companion adventure made to go along with events unfolding in Folio #18 (WS5 The Shattered Tower). It contains the information needed to run a side adventure that will help characters in their journey through The Corsair Mists. After completing the tests of The Shattered Tower, the players are invited by the sea elven queen to ward their ship and crew from the Ghost Eye Corruption that lurks within the mists. Plunging into the waters that now cover one of the lost trade cities of Uthoria, the players must overcome a corrupted dwarven temple to find the cure for the contagion before it can take over their ship. This adventure is formatted to both 1E & 5E gaming rules.

Cover of CCC-MAG01-03 The Clock that Didn't Tick
CCC-MAG01-03 The Clock that Didn't Tick
5th Edition
Levels 12–15
30 pages

Mystery in the Moonsea! Disappearing shipments, missing alchemists—and proven musical acts whose rehearsals sound terrible! Instead of showing off Thentia to potential trading partners and giving the locals something to celebrate, the pall over this year’s Magic and Gold Festival threatens to drive business to Melvaunt and give the locals a reason to riot. Combat optional but possible. Role-playing opportunities abound.

Cover of MV1 Midnight on Dagger Alley
MV1 Midnight on Dagger Alley
Levels 4–6
8 pages

As darkness presses into the narrow, muddy alleys of Goldstar, silent shadows slip out of hiding. Now is the hour for cutpurses and cutthroats to creep into the night to do their work. Would-be victims bar their doors and lie sleepless in their dingy hovels waiting for dawn. Your task sends you into this dismal, dangerous place after sundown. No moon lights your steps as you scurry past yowling cats in smoke, fog-filled alleys. Above you and beneath you lurk unseen encounters. Somewhere ahead in the despairing gloom lies your goal, if you can survive Midnight on Dagger Alley. TSR 9104

Cover of CCC-GLIP-01-01 Glip Dak
CCC-GLIP-01-01 Glip Dak
5th Edition
Levels 1–4
37 pages

The Kroth Magg hobgoblins run the trade city of Glip Dak in the Troll Hills of Thar. From there they have taken control of the trade routes along the northern Moonsea. A young noble has been captured for refusing to pay their tariffs and his house looks to hire adventurers to rescue him.

Cover of Invisible Stalker
Invisible Stalker
Levels 1–2
3 pages

Don't you wish they'd stay dead? A ghost has been threating a local shop keeper and it is up to the party to ride her of this treat. Pgs. 54-56

Cover of Pathfinder Society Quest #4: Port Peril Pub Crawl
Pathfinder Society Quest #4: Port Peril Pub Crawl
Pathfinder 2e
Levels 1–4
23 pages

Venture-Captain Calisro Benarry has arranged for the PC's transport to the pirate haven of Port Peril to make contact with Free Captain Stella Fane and negotiate a contract with her, facilitating Society movements through the pirate blockades in the area. The job seems simple: track down the the pirate captain, secure the agreement, and then return to Absalom. But few things are simple when a den of villainous pirates is involved, and it's unlikely the PCs will be able to leave Port Peril without throwing a few punches in a proper pub brawl!

Cover of Queen with Burning Eyes
Queen with Burning Eyes
3.5 Edition
Level 1
17 pages

Take your first exciting foray into D&D's newest campaign setting with a deadly exploit in Sharn, City of Towers. Descend into the ruined undercity to face the legacy of the daelkyr, aberrations from the evil plane of Xoriat, and come face to face with the Queen with Burning Eyes! Pgs. 16-32

Cover of DDEX03-02 Shackles of Blood
DDEX03-02 Shackles of Blood
5th Edition
Levels 1–4
34 pages

The Red Plumes have increased patrols in the region surrounding Hillsfar, and a string of disappearances has followed in their wake. Naturally, this has roused the suspicion of the factions. Join your factions and find out the truth behind the missing farmers. A four-hour adventure for 1st-4th level characters.

Cover of Mists of Akuma: Trade War
Mists of Akuma: Trade War
5th Edition
Levels 3–12
374 pages

War brews beneath the emperor's notice, nature convulses as unholy demons bring woe to entire prefectures, and hobgoblin mercenaries wearing powerful machine armor march in greater numbers than ever before. Will you rise to save the empire or is Soburin destined for destruction? Soburin is beset upon by dark forces from its ancient past—not only the evil mists that transform men into monsters, but now too the return of a potent necromancer set to bring about a reign of agony, despair, and death! In the looming crisis the immortals that have treated the world as their gaming set are gathering their agents and pawns, deploying unique warriors across the continent with goals as mysterious as they are. It is within this epic game of intrigue that the adventurers become entangled as they undertake quests for the governmental bengoshi in the Sukochi, Yokuba, Ikari, Hakaisuru, Fuson, and Gekido prefectures as well as visit the enigmatic Tsukisasu, city of oni. Demons begat by the entities that consumed nature plague the party during their travels as do a very special gang of smugglers, the gun-toting Mubo Brothers, and the bloody hobgoblin mercenary erikotera warriors suddenly far more populous across the countryside than ever before. By the time all is said and done the PCs take part in a furious mass battle, nail-biting race through an undead dungeon, and finally an epic fight against an ancient evil atop the Hone-Noroi bone tower before it all comes crashing down! This extensive adventure path takes characters from 3rd to 12th level and includes all previous Mists of Akuma modules (Scourge of Róbai Shita Temple, Feud Primordial, Fangs of Revenge, Cursed Soul of the Scorpion Samurai, Yai Sovereign of Storms, and Revenge of the Pale Master) paired together with connecting material that creates one intensive campaign sure to delight GMs and players for months on end! It would be exhausting to list everything that's inside of the 374 pages of Trade War—here are some quick highlights and if you think this book is for you, peruse the table of contents (below) and sample PDFs. Over 50 maps 90 different NPCs and monsters 6 highly-rated adventure modules ranging from straightforward dungeon crawls to sandboxes of intrigue and back (and 2 sidequests by Andrew Engelbrite and Dirk van de Rijt) 8 new class archetypes: survivalist barbarians, smuggler bards, acrobat monks, tumbler rogues, enigmatic eye warlocks, desperado warlocks, and wizards of the inside out 32 new martial arts stance feats including new weapons martial arts stances Hyperlinks throughout to make accessing statblocks from the core rules a breeze Rules for mass combat An epic 9-level bone dungeon inspired by Buddhist hells Mists of Akuma character sheets

Cover of FT - Feastelburg
FT - Feastelburg
Levels 1–6
20 pages

A moderate sized town perfect for adventurers to relax in and pick up extra supplies and lift a pint or two. This particuliar town is a focal point in several adventures in Filbar including FN6 - Sunken Temple of Bulu and F3 - Adventure in Skull Pass. A larger settlement than Xer, Feastelburg offers a variety of different shops for the well-heeled and 'healed' adventurer. As the Mayor of Feastelburg says "Oy, pull out a stool and drop a coin or two for something that suits your fancy"

Cover of Ignorance is Bliss - Adventure 2: What Lies Beyond Reason Adventure Path
Ignorance is Bliss - Adventure 2: What Lies Beyond Reason Adventure Path
5th Edition
Levels 4–5
59 pages

Sometimes its better not to know... Citizens are turning up in the city in catatonic states, alive but devoid of personality. Are they the victims of an illness or disease, or is there something more sinister at work? Encountering one of these poor souls, the characters are drawn into an investigation of politics and treachery, seedy underworld dealings and rooftop chases, culminating in a fiery conclusion. Can they discover the cause of this epidemic before it’s too late?

Cover of DDAL07-11 A Lesson in Love
DDAL07-11 A Lesson in Love
5th Edition
Levels 11–16
31 pages

An old elf has wandered into the city from the jungle--prattling on about his long-lost daughter to anyone whose ear he can bend. Though most in Port Nyanzaru dismiss him as mad, he speaks the truth. Can you find and save his daughter?

Cover of Perilous Awakenings
Perilous Awakenings
5th Edition
Levels 6–10
35 pages

"Persuaded by a foreigner mage, the survivors of an expedition to the ruins of Castle Perilous return bearing old relics of the fallen Witch-King of Vaasa. However, after getting back to Castle Valls in Damara, the very stone structure is affected by these artifacts, infused with life and evil intent, setting its will against those who tread its halls." Perilous Awakening is an adventure for a group of 6th-10th level characters. It is set in the town of Valls, at the northern region known as the Bloodstone Lands, in the kingdom of Damara, in Faerûn, in Toril, in the Forgotten Realms. However, with little modifications, you can run this adventure in whatever world you wish. This adventure includes: PDF file including the 35-page adventure. 3 maps a simplified view of the town of Valls, Castle Valls and a part of the town, and Castle Vall's dungeon level, all ready to be printed or for use in the web. 10 new enemies between awakened objects, evil wizards, and one of the Witch-King's Book of Creation to antagonize the adventurers. The artifact known as the Book of Creation to tempt the adventurers into higher evil powers.

Cover of Nobody Expects the Thranish Inquisition
Nobody Expects the Thranish Inquisition
5th Edition
Level 5
12 pages

The Keeper of the Flame—head of the Thranish church—has died and an election is coming. Two religious orders want their candidates elected by any means necessary. Deceit. Terror. Murder. Nothing can stand in the way of the Inquisitors of the Pure Flame. Except maybe a young girl who can perform actual miracles… "Nobody Expects the Thranish Inquisition" is an adventure for an EVIL party of 5th-level characters. The players take control of the ruthless, cunning, moustache-twirling inquisitors of the Pure Flame. Their enemies, the Flame of Purity (an entirely different religious order), have discovered a wonderchild—a girl named Jaela Daran—and are planning to elect her as the next Keeper. In order to prevent this, the characters must investigate three miracles that the girl has already performed and erase all traces of them. Then they must bring her before the assembly of cardinals and expose her as a heretic. What could possibly go wrong? The adventure takes place in the world of Eberron but can easily be transposed to another setting.

Cover of Dead for a Spell
Dead for a Spell
4th Edition
Levels 7–9
38 pages

In this adventure, the Lord Commander of the Sharn Watch hires the heroes to investigate the murder of an actress. The investigation quickly spirals into a bloody dispute involving a dead wizard’s spell-book, political rivalries, and secrets that might foment war among the Five Nations. Pgs. 1-37

Cover of Blood Throne of Maglubiyet
Blood Throne of Maglubiyet
5th Edition
Levels 3–4
14 pages

Urban Uprising and Oldschool Dungeon Crawling. A hobgoblin horde has subjugated the city for Freystand, searching for a relic of their god. Will the heroes save the town from the tyrannical hobgoblins? Will they discover the true purpose of the Bloodthrone of Maglubiyet? Work with the rebels of Freystand to sabotage the hobgoblin's by completing objectives in the city. Crawl the warrens to find and destroy the Bloodthrone of Maglubiyet. Discover the true purpose of the throne and cosmic horror that threatens the world. Designed like an old-school dungeon crawl but with modern sensibilites.