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Cover of Fallen Dawn
Fallen Dawn
Level 5
41 pages

The Lotus Blossom Steppes have long been a land of disjointed tribes, squabbling with one another for central rulership. In the past, great rulers laid claim to the Steppes, bringing the tribes under a single banner for a great purpose—be it under the terrible dictatorship of a half-rakshasa khan or an enlightened visionary khan that leads the tribes beyond the borders of the Steppes. Yet there is great power tucked away behind the tribes’ individual banners. All it takes is an individual with enough ambition and enough power to change the destiny of the Lotus Blossom Steppes... and one ambitious man is on the hunt for the fragmented powers of the NewGod war. Can the PCs put an end to a rising warlord's ambitions, or will the Lotus Blossom Steppes fall again into tribal conflict?

Cover of The Tower of Trials
The Tower of Trials
5th Edition
Levels 1–20
3 pages

This tower is said to be as old as time itself. It is also said to be sentient, ready to challenge any group that passes through its doors to determine if they are worthy. While brute strength is enough for some floors, others require a bit more elegance and cleverness, so a diversity is as much a strength as anything else. The spiraling top of this tower looms high in the sky, waiting for the right group of adventurers to climb to the top and claim victory. This dungeons contains alternating floors of combat challenges and puzzle challenges, so if your players are fans of such challenged then this is the dungeon for you! Note: This dungeons uses lots of puzzles included in the book. The monsters will have to be adjusted according to the party's levels.

Cover of The Keep at Koralgesh
The Keep at Koralgesh
Levels 1–3
20 pages

The Keep at Koralgesh is a basic D&D game adventure for 6-8 player characters of 1st-3rd level. Players hear rumours of the Keep at Koralgesh and then traverse it to acquire the treasure within. Pgs. 45-64

The Forgotten Man
Levels 6–8
22 pages

"When the adventurers decide to help a man who has lost his memory, little do they realize he’s Gethirah Kugothan, the notorious anti-paladin! Can the man they know as “Michael” leave his evil past behind and become a champion of good? The answer lies in Gethirah’s former stronghold, a magnificent castle perched atop a waterfall." - Christopher Perkins From the magazine: "The Forgotten Man" is an AD&D adventure designed for 4-5 PCs of levels 6-8 (about 35 total levels)... This adventure focuses on Gethirah Kugothan (also known as Michael), a formerly evil man whose memory has since taken up residence in a church of the god of rebirth and renewal. The premise of the adventure hinges on the possibility that such a man can be turned from the path of evil and become good. The main goal of the PCs is to keep Gethirah from becoming the man he used to be.

Cover of WS6 Duel on The White Ship
WS6 Duel on The White Ship
Levels 10–12
25 pages

Within the near impenetrable inner circle of the Corsair Mists, the White Ship has been called to its once proud dock by the dark sorcery of Molo of the 13 Wives. The final conflagration is at hand as the adventurers assail the towering boarding stair, fight their way through the ship's countless enemies, and finally enter the grand worship hall of the two greater sea gods, all in an attempt to thwart Molo before he can bring on an end of days. Test the limits of a high-level adventureing group's strength against undead cyclops guardians, mad storm giants, corrupted typhoon elementals, and both Molo and his wives in this epic conclusion to The White Ship Campaign! This adventure is formatted to both 1E & 5E gaming rules. Also available in PDF.

Cover of Kingdom In the Swamp
Kingdom In the Swamp
Levels 6–9
12 pages

Follow a crazy halfling into a vampire’s castle. Kingdom in the Swamp is an AD&D adventure for higher-level characters; 6th to 9th level would be suitable. While it is necessary to have strong combatant characters and at least one cleric, it is more important that the players be ready to find solutions beyond the sword or spell book. Adventure Background A few days ago, Candor Pletten, a halfling thief known more for his urban exploits, returned from a journey to the southern jungles and rain forests (or so he says). Few people have believed him in the past -- usually they have been too busy taking inventory of their possessions to even listen to him — but some are guessing that he may actually be telling the truth (certainly, he’s got a good story). Candor left town a couple of months ago with some other adventurers, but has come back alone. Most tavern patrons are of the opinion that he took his companions’ purses and ran, but why would he come back to town? And why, then, aren’t his former companions hot on his trail? Candor may be a thief, but he’s not a murderer. He even gets nauseated by cockfighting. Maybe the halfling's tale is worth hearing...

Cover of DF2.5 Gang War!
DF2.5 Gang War!
Levels 2–5
4 pages

Gang War! is a companion adventure made to go along with the events unfolding in Folio #9 (DF2 The Lost Apprentice). It contains the information needed to run a side advenute during the events of The Hidden Valoria Campaign. Yep, you've stepped in it now! Cross blades with several of the gangs of the Patina to help avoid an all-out war that is likely to set the neighborhood ablaze! Once again the players are pressed into service to help keep the peace in the Patina when a rumor of a murder and deciet will pit on gang against another, their tenuous alliances threatening to pull other gnags into the mess as well. This adventure is formatted to both 1E & 5E gaming rules.

Cover of The Sea Wyvern's Wake
The Sea Wyvern's Wake
3.5 Edition
Levels 5–7
43 pages

All ocean voyages are fraught with peril, yet a voyage to the infamous Isle of Dread might seem to some old salts to be a deliberate goading of the gods of the sea. Many of those who have attempted the voyage before managed to return to civilization often choose not to speak of the trials they experienced on that dangerous route, yet those whose lips can be loosened by a draught of grog whisper amazing stories... tales of pirates, sea monsters, terrifying storms, and perhaps most harrowing of all, of a strange and sinister land without land, a floating graveyard of dead ships mired in a sargasso the size of an island. This place has many names, but its most well-known may be it's most apt - Journey's End. "The Sea Wyvern's Wake" is the third chapter of the Savage Tide Adventure Path, a complete campaign consisting of 12 adventures appearing in Dungeon magazine. For additional aid in running this campaign, check out Dragon magazine's monthly "Savage Tidings" articles, a series that helps players and DMs prepare for and expand upon the campaign. Issue #350 of Dragon magazine features a regional guide to the seafaring environs the PCs can expect on the journey to the Isle of Dread. It’s time to bid farewell to the city of Sasserine as the PCs board the Sea Wyvern for a 3,000-mile voyage south into the uncharted waters of the Vohoun Ocean. Their destination: the Isle of Dread. Pgs. 16-48

Cover of X13 Crown of Ancient Glory
X13 Crown of Ancient Glory
Levels 7–10
64 pages

Lots of stronghold assaults and shipboard travel/encounters in this one. This adventure's deep political basis might be seen as an introduction for the domain-focused adventures of Companion-level play. This adventure is for use with the Dungeons & Dragons Basic, Expert, and Companion Rules, and includes the intrigue of engaging with nobility's lands and agendas. Intro: All is not well in the kingdom of Vestland. Not only is the king dead and the holy Sonora Crown missing, but the heir to the kingdom was lost at birth and no on knows where to find him. As if this wasn't bad enough, the forces of the Ethengar Khanate, never on the best of terms with Vestland, are now massing on the borders, hoping to take advantage of Vestland's plight. To complete the rosy picture, traitors from within also threaten to speed the downfall of the High Kingdom. Sounds like a job for you. You must find the long-lost heir to the kingdom and recover the Sonora Crown, the mystical device without which a king cannot be crowned. Standing in your way are traitors and spies from within and invaders from without the kingdom of Vestland. Time is running out! Can you save Vestland from disaster? TSR 9218

Cover of Iasc
Levels 3–4
10 pages

"Something Fishy" - a Celtic-world campaign. "Iasc" is set in a small Celtic kingdom that can be fit into any medieval/fantasy campaign. The PCs need not be Celts. The likelihood of combat is very high, and the party is recommended to host several warriors.

Cover of Confrontation at Candlekeep
Confrontation at Candlekeep
5th Edition
Level 2
27 pages

Candlekeep is under siege, and it needs adventurers to help protect it! Heed the call to defend the legendary monastery and stand against the tide of evil. Confrontation at Candlekeep was used as a D&D Next playtest for D&D 5E. It was released to organized play Dungeon Masters in August 2013, and ran at Gen Con, PAX, and other major conventions. The adventure includes rules for running multiple tables, but can also be run for just one table. The attack on Candlekeep by forces of Asmodeus is tied to the events in Ed Greenwood's novel about the Sundering, "The Herald."

Cover of DDAL05-08 Durlag's Tower
DDAL05-08 Durlag's Tower
5th Edition
Levels 11–16
38 pages

East of Beregost, nestled in the outskirts of the Wood of Sharp Teeth, Durlag’s Tower has intrigued and yet stymied adventurers for decades. Stuffed full of mechanical traps and arcane wards, and rumored to be inhabited by fiends, very few have managed to extract any REAL treasure from the former home of Durlag Trollkiller. However, a powerful item in the ancient fight against the giants is said to be housed there, and the cloud giant Baron Rajiram has committed significant resources toward recovering it. After a pleasant tea in her garden, SEER calls upon you to beat him there and put a stop to his efforts! Continued in Durlag's Tomb.

Cover of Whims of the Heart
Whims of the Heart
5th Edition
Levels 5–10
18 pages

A Beholder Love Story A dwarven mineshaft has become the new home of the heartbroken beholder Sindryl. Discover who could be wicked enough to separate Sindryl from his love Prix'am, put a stop to their plot, and restore Prix'am's missing heart. A 3-6 hour Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition adventure for Tier 2 characters. This adventure includes: 2 New Monsters (including 1 New Beholder!), 3 New Magic Items, New NPCs, a Minecart Skill Challenge, Romantic Random Encounters for the Underdark!

Cover of Cellar of Death
Cellar of Death
5th Edition
Level 1
15 pages

Something evil is devouring the souls of the living in Chult, but before the characters take on the horrors in Tomb of Annihilation, they must first uncover the death curse’s origin by braving a lich’s tower in the Cloakwood. This introductory adventure is designed for a party of four to six 1st-level characters, who should advance to 2nd level by the adventurer’s conclusion. It is a prelude to Tomb of Annihilation that should take about 2 to 3 hours. This product includes Fantasy Grounds files for the adventure. What Inspired Cellar of Death? The introduction of Tomb of Annihilation states Syndra Silvane learned about the Soulmonger from the Harpers, who “received their intelligence from a lich.” This adventure is the story of how the Harpers gathered that information. Cellar of Death has a second purpose: to give characters a greater stake in the outcome of Tomb of Annihilation by creating an NPC they love. The death curse kills this NPC, giving the characters a personal reason to go to Chult.

Cover of A Rose for Talakara
A Rose for Talakara
Levels 8–12
26 pages

Red for love, white for purity, black for death. He was thoughtful, obedient, and trustworthy - the epitome of a traitor. All he needed were some heroes. A powerful undead knight, Agrovale, wants to be released from a necromancer named Talakara. He sets in motion an elaborate plan to get the players involved in overthrowing Talakara in her bid to become a goddess. He frames the necromancer for a kidnapping and murder and leaves a trail of clues to lead the players to her stronghold. The party travels through an extensive stronghold filled with many different monsters, finishing with a fight with the demigod Talakara and subsequently the freedom-seeking Agrovale. Pgs. 38-63

Cover of True Level Adventure 3 Monastery of the Lost
True Level Adventure 3 Monastery of the Lost
Level 3
6 pages

There is no particular overarching story here, just a prospect gate keep dungeon you can drop into your own sandbox and run as you see fit. This adventure is formatted to both 1E & 5E gaming rules.

Cover of Servants of the Blood Moon
Servants of the Blood Moon
3rd Edition
Levels 7–10
16 pages

Deep in the elven forests of Myereth, ancient rowan trees spread white boughs above a sacred site. Pillars of stone twist like some strange form of vine, curling among the branches and reflecting the light of a silvery moon. The forest is silent, and beautiful, protected since the dawn of time by a powerful Unicorn. The elven forest of Myereth is well known throughout the world as a safe haven of good and peace, a place where evil cannot stand to enter and where the trees weep healing tears upon those injured within its boundaries. Any player character elves know of the forest, its healing properties, and its legendary beauty. They may have heard of it as a legend, or they may have visited its mystic shrine when they were children, brought along on a pilgrimage by other elves. But something has gone terribly wrong. Refugees from Myereth, terrified and confused, are flooding into other elven cities. They speak of a great evil that has conquered the forest, one that has killed the body of the immortal Unicorn and tainted its spirit. Myereth runs with blood, they say, and the once-powerful rowan trees have begun to wither and die. In the center of the Rowan Grove, the bloodied bodies of the last elven warriors of Myereth lie scattered and broken. Those responsible call themselves the Servants of the Blood Moon, and they are led by a dark-robed sorcerer. The surviving elves do not know this evil man — all but one of those who fought against the Servants died — but they know that the sorcerer calls himself Tamarat. He has butchered the Unicorn, the spirit of the forest. The Myereth, and the elves, are dying.

Cover of F12 - Bastion of the Giants
F12 - Bastion of the Giants
Levels 6–10
19 pages

For years the Verbeeg clan on Clover Island has lived peacefully with the human settlement of Corsair Bay. A peace treaty has remained in effect that both groups attested to and have lived by. Recently the annual tribute that is to be paid to the giants has not come and now the giants are preparing for battle. Can your party go and act as an envoy to the giants or will they choose to go to war against them?

Cover of A Test of Faith
A Test of Faith
5th Edition
Levels 5–6
11 pages

Marek the Stalwart, Paladin of the Knights of the Eternal order has stolen a powerful magical artifact. Fleeing the order’s keep he has left several slain paladins of the order in his wake. Our adventurers have been charged with returning Marek, preferably alive, and the artifact to the Knights of the Eternal Order so he can face trial for his crimes This adventure is designed for 4-6 characters of level 4-5. I would love to hear any feedback you have after looking over/running the adventure. Cover art provided by Marco Ortiz https://www.facebook.com/marcosartcommissions/

Cover of Drums at Daggerford
Drums at Daggerford
5th Edition
Level 5
160 pages

5e Solo Gamebooks presents Drums at Daggerford, the fifth in our continual series of solo adventures set in the Forgotten Realms. This quest enables you to experience D&D without a dungeon master! Simply roll up a level 5 PC and get playing. Drums at Daggerford is the way you must experience solo adventuring. Players and DMs beware, a new standard has been set. This solo adventure continues the story arc first begun in Death Knight’s Squire, developed further in Tyrant of Zhentil Keep & Citadel of the Raven, and left in The Tortured Land. Drums at Daggerford’s ability to echo a Tolkien spirit reverberates throughout the narrative no matter which path you may choose. But choose wisely because a razor’s edge separates peril from glory. Over a year in the writing, this latest instalment in our solo adventure series is a mini sandbox campaign that will give you anywhere up to 8 hours of solo adventuring enjoyment. Completionists and those who like to replay these adventures will get even more gametime. There are mysteries to be uncovered, items and sidekicks to be gained, codewords to unlock and villains to conquer! With lots of exploration, meaningful decisions, hard fights, and a variety of rewards and stories, Drums at Daggerford will continue to resonate with you long after solving the big mystery behind Krond Vikkurk’s malevolent plans.