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Cover of Bzallin's Blackspher
Bzallin's Blackspher
Levels 12–15
24 pages

Into the void. It all started with two wizards feuding now a sphere of annihilation and a daemon princess threatens the whole town. It is up to the party to stop things before the city is destroyed. Pgs. 24-47

Cover of G1 Tyranny of the Black Tower
G1 Tyranny of the Black Tower
Levels 3–5
24 pages

The village of Sacrabad is a wretched place. Dark rumors abound concerning its steward, “His Lordship” Nim Sheog, who rules the place through terror and cruelty. Merchants who have passed through Sacrabad tell tale of how chaos thrives while the good folk wallow in misery. Nim’s guard are no more than a well-paid gang of thugs, hired to enforce his relentless and often bizarre laws and what’s worse, they seem to be in league with a nearby band of goblins, The Yellow Fang, who are often left to terrorize the villagers without reprisal. It is rumored that Nim keeps the rightful and lawful lord of Sacrabad locked away in the dungeons of the keep, the ominous Black Tower. An imposing structure that once afforded the village protection, the Black Tower has become a symbol of tyranny. But there is hope on the horizon. Hope in the form of a secret society who conspire to rescue the rightful lord and overthrow Nim and his guard. Can our heroes champion the cause? Tyranny of the Black Tower is a short (single session) adventure module. It is a classic “rescue operation” complete with a strong villain and espionage intrigue. It is an ideal one-shot adventure with room for expansion into an ongoing campaign. Bonus side-trek hooks and a bonus dungeon are included as a means to build up low-level parties. This module is setting-generic and can be dropped just about anywhere in the multiverse. Published by Verisimilitude Society Press

Cover of Falcon's Peak
Falcon's Peak
Levels 1–3
7 pages

Lord Falcon’s nest holds a new brood of evil. Falcon’s Peak is an AD&D® game adventure for 5-8 characters of 1st-3rd level. The party should include a thief and at least one experienced cleric; a ranger would also be of help. The use of stealth and silvered or magical weapons is advised.

Cover of Dark Times in Sherwood
Dark Times in Sherwood
3rd Edition
Level 3
26 pages

Where's Robin Hood When You Need Him? The Sheriff of Nottingham and the outlaws of Sherwood Forest share a common enemy. Will an unlikely alliance end this newest threat to the land? Pgs. 42-67

Cover of WG7 Castle Greyhawk
WG7 Castle Greyhawk
Levels 0–2
130 pages

Deep beneath the keep of Castle Greyhawk, a really nasty device is creating mutated, unpleasant monsters that are running wild throughout the castle and the twelve-level dungeon beneath. The call has gone out for heroic, fearless, and perhaps foolish adventures to out-hack, out-slash, and sometimes even out-think hordes of doughmen, headless mice, manic bee queens, really bad dead things, burgermen, crazed chefs, and movie moguls. If they survive these and much odder obstacles, the characters still have to find the nasty monster creator and put it out of business. Castle Greyhawkcontains 13 detailed levels for adventuring and exploration. Each is a separate adventure written by different author and each has its own unique brand of baffling weirdness. Some levels involve solving puzzles and some require good old hacking and slashing. The adventure can be played separately or all together as a grand quest to free Castle Greyhawk from the evil, rotten hordes that are plaguing it. The common theme of this dungeon is that no joke is so old, no pun so bad, and no schtick so obvious that it can't be used to confuse and trip up PCs! 13 Adventures for Character Levels 0 to 25. TSR 9222

Cover of Hoard of the Dragon Queen
Hoard of the Dragon Queen
5th Edition
Levels 1–8
94 pages

The Cult of the Dragon, along with its dragon allies and the Red Wizards of Thay, seek to bring Tiamat from her prison in the Nine Hells to Faerûn. To this end, they are sweeping from town to town, laying waste to all those who oppose them and gathering a hoard of riches for their dread queen. Continued in The Rise of Tiamat.

Cover of Castle Dracula - a 5e Castlevania-style adventure
Castle Dracula - a 5e Castlevania-style adventure
5th Edition
Levels 3–5
122 pages

Dracula, the Lord of Shadow and Darkness, has covered the land in shadow and dispatched armies of monsters and undead from his magical castle. His armies threaten to overrun major cities and plunge the world into a literal Dark Age. The last of the vampire-hunting clan that traditionally opposed him has disappeared, and still the armies advance. He must be stopped. If that's not enough motivation, it is well-known that his castle is full of magical items and great riches... but also great danger. If you've ever wanted D&D and Castlevania to meet, look no further. This adventure is exactly what you wanted. Every area of the castle poses different and unique challenges to keep the party engaged and on their toes. Written for the DM as a ready-to-run adventure, it is designed for four to six characters. The adventure starts at level 3 at the outer defenses of the castle, and ends with the party advancing to level 13 after defeating Dracula in an epic battle. The adventure includes documentation to help even a new DM succed, including suggestions for how to run each of the area "boss" monsters in combat. There are approximately 50 new enemies and over 3 dozen new magical items. It also comes with a list of suggested music for many areas of the castle, and a 25-page campaign log recounting an actual tabletop play-through of this adventure from the DM's perspective.

Cover of DDAL07-13 Old Bones and Older Tomes
DDAL07-13 Old Bones and Older Tomes
5th Edition
Levels 11–16
38 pages

The sages of Candlekeep have come calling. They’ve come to Port Nyanzaru on the trail of a colleague. He came to the jungle to pursue his studies in solitude some twenty years ago, but within the last year, his regular communications have fallen silent. They are in search of brave (and discrete) adventurers to escort them around the peninsula for a health and welfare check. Are you brave and discrete enough for the job? A Four-Hour Adventure for 11th-16th Level Characters

Cover of Gate of the Lens Wizards
Gate of the Lens Wizards
5th Edition
Level 15
28 pages

A world unseen lies beyond a twisted, metal gate in a remote field of the Dhalpurna Mountains. Will the characters brave the alien monstrosities, technologies, and magic inside to learn the secrets that have been brooding in this strange place for millennia? Gate of the Lens Wizard is a science-fantasy exploration adventure and includes: -A gate that leads to the tunnels beneath a distant jungle moon -Intelligent spiders at war with glass-skulled astronomy wizards -An unfathomable artifact that can rewrite time itself -Combat cards for each monster, PC, and special treasure -High-quality digital maps for use with virtual table tops

Cover of CM3 Sabre River
CM3 Sabre River
Levels 18–22
32 pages

You are the guest of the count, one of your allies and the strongest man in the region. Your sojourn has been pleasant, a nice change after weeks of battle. Suddenly the courtyard below your window is filled with the noise of galloping horses. More Guests? You yawn as you look out. But these people arriving look more like tax collectors than guests. You decide to give your attention to something more interesting, like dinner. Relax while you can, friend, because these new arrivals are about to lead you to a crimson sailor, a cozy Tower of Terror, and a river with an aching heart. Sabre River includes a complete campaign setting, new NPCs, dungeon and wilderness encounters, and a mysterious story. TSR 9119

Cover of Broodmother Skyfortress
Broodmother Skyfortress
173 pages

(2017 ENNIE Awards Judges' Spotlight Winner!) THE MOST AWESOME ADVENTURE EVER Since the invention of the adventure module, there have only been five adventures that were rated the most awesome, the most epic. Broodmother Sky Fortress leaves them all behind. It’s got these creatures that are half shark. Half elephant. All badass. They fly around in this cloud fortress, wrecking everything in the campaign until the players step up to stop them. It’s all terribly exciting! And all brought to you by none other than the world-famous Arch-Mage of Old-School, Jeff Rients! As an added bonus, we’ve included a Greatest Hits of the ol’ Arch-Mage’s essays and game tools to build your campaign into the unstoppable juggernaut you’ve always wanted it to be. Your game won’t suck anymore! Broodmother SkyFortress: Buying any other adventure is just throwing your money away (includes "3.PF" edition stats by Jukka Särkijärvi because somebody somehow convinced me that would be a good idea back when this thing was being crowdfunded) Writing by Jeff Rients Art by Ian MacLean Graphic Design by Alex Mayo Cartography by Jez Gordon

Cover of Eye of Myrkul
Eye of Myrkul
Levels 6–8
22 pages

Retrieve the bones of a dracolich to save the life of a paladin. The epic conclusion of the Mere of Dead Men series. Set in the Mere of Dead Men region of the Forgotten Realms.

Cover of The Heist At Nimressa
The Heist At Nimressa
5th Edition
Levels 3–4
16 pages

While travelling the open road, the party encounters two good-hearted thieves with a potentially lucrative proposition: The despotic baroness Ytrix hoards a large treasure nearby, locked within her army’s fort. Wouldn’t it be exactly what she deserves to have that treasure stolen and given to the needy that she’s so long ignored and oppressed? That’s what the party’s new companions think anyway, and they certainly have no ulterior motive for the job... The treasure is protected by high walls, a legion of soldiers, a fanatical wizard, and plenty of other surprises to keep would-be thieves on their toes. The party will choose how to approach the fort, case the joint, make their plan, and execute their heist. When they're done—and if they're successful—they'll leave with a small fortune and even a few unique magic items. A 6-8 hour adventure for 3rd or 4th level characters.

Cover of The Demon Within
The Demon Within
Level 11
34 pages

For years, the knights of Mendev have held back the evil locked inside the Worldwound, a vast, demon-tainted landscape. Every few years, they anoint a new protector, a sacred guardian charged with pitting his will against the teeming hordes bent on devouring the very souls of the living. This year, something has gone horribly wrong, and now a bloodthirsty demonic army has overrun the ancient fortress, and threatens to pour into the surrounding countryside.

Cover of Deicide
5th Edition
Levels 1–20
296 pages

Deicide is a campaign designed to begin with a party of four to six 1st-level characters, who should advance to 20th level by its conclusion. The Gods have abandoned Faerûn. Bringing loved ones back from the dead hasn’t been done in centuries, and communion with the deities is a spiritual exercise only. Holy warriors and messengers have lost their powers and have all but completely disappeared. In this bleak world, wars are frequent, crime runs rampant, and hope has faded. Rumours are abound of a mysterious crime lord taking control of the underworld. Monsters roam the lands and every road is increasingly more dangerous. Without guidance, the many civilizations of this world are plagued by greed and corruption. The only way forward is to bring the Gods back, or to take their place in the heavens. Deicide takes place across two islands, Aurora and Limdorkal. These landmasses are the westernmost islands of the Moonshae Isles, an archipelago located roughly 400 miles west of the region of Amn and to the southwest of the Sword Coast. Surrounding the Sea of Moonshae, these islands feature a wide array of cities, civilizations, climates, terrains, and monsters. Limdorkal is famously a harsher environment, home to exotic races, whereas Aurora is almost entirely dominated by the human kingdom. Elminster Aumar, the famous Old Mage of Faerûn, once visited these islands and claimed it surprising how such diverse environmental systems erupted here, and how varied were the people inhabiting them. While the Sword Coast is part of Faerûn, a continent of Toril in the Forgotten Realms, feel free to adapt these islands to any setting of your choice, such as Ravenloft, Eberron, Ravnica, or even on your homebrew world. The story told here happens some hundreds of years after the beginning of 5th Edition, and the Overgod Ao is trapped inside an artifact, which limits the workings of gods around Toril. The characters will be able to learn more about the missing Gods, about a mythical folklore artifact known as the Wand of Wonders, which carries the powers of the Gods, and about the crime lord Kaiser Soze. Through their adventures, they will be able to visit other realms, planes, and dimensions, as well as come into contact with different races and civilizations. In the end, it is up to them whether to ally with the Crime Lord, and whether to release the Gods or keep their power for themselves. This campaign can work as a loose set of modular adventures, which can be easily picked separately and played as one-shots of different levels. Even their locations on the map might be moved, and events happening in particular towns can happen on others. The adventures include dungeon crawls, murder mysteries, sandbox urban quests, exploration on land and in the seas, inter-planar travelling, among others.

Cover of The Baron's Eyrie
The Baron's Eyrie
Levels 5–7
12 pages

Come on up for a bite. Sometimes the adventure comes to you. The local inhabitants of a large town have been disappearing and its up to find what is causing and bring back the people that have disappeared. Pgs. 48-59

Cover of Madness in Freeport
Madness in Freeport
3.5 Edition
Levels 4–6
72 pages

Madness in Freeport, the final part of the Freeport Trilogy, details the final confrontation between the PCs, the Brotherhood of the Yellow Sign, and Sea Lord Milton Drac. In Part One, the Drac invites the PCs to the Grand Lighthouse Ball. Careful investigation can reveal the secret purpose of the lighthouse. In Parts Two and Three, the PCs must recover a powerful artifact to thwart the Brotherhood's plans. They must pass through an infamous pirate's hidden caves, then search a sunken temple of the serpent god Yig. In Part Four, the heroes must enter the Grand Lighthouse, AKA Milton's Folly, in a race against time to stop the Brotherhood's world-shaking master plan from coming to fruition. (Bibliographic note: This adventure was originally written for v.3.0, and later updated to the v.3.5 rules. The revised versions of Death, Terror, and Madness in Freeport were reprinted in an omnibus edition, along with two shorter filler adventures, as The Freeport Edition: Five Year Anniversary Edition.)

Cover of Tower Of Zoramadria
Tower Of Zoramadria
4th Edition
Level 23
8 pages

The Tower of Zoramadria is hidden away in the Feywild. The tower is an arcane academy under the tutelage of the lich Parthal. Parthal and his students lead serene lives of study and contemplation, except when they engage in a bout of bloody necromantic research that requires innocent souls as vital components. Parthal has a score to settle, and the Feywild itself might shudder and scream before the lich has had his revenge on those who killed his love. Pgs. 104-111

Cover of Dusk Tower
Dusk Tower
5th Edition
Levels 6–8
19 pages

A mystery scenario involving exploration of a drow archmage's tower while trying to solve the mystery of his involvement to the latest rumors of kidnapings in the nearby town. Benevolent academic or vile predator? The good people of Fern do not seem to agree these days about the nature of the owner of the iconic Dusk Tower. With a supporting cast that includes an innkeeping druid, a scorned sculptor, a belittled apprentice, an invisible butler, and a mysterious tower basement the heroes are sure to have their hands full. Can they uncover the secrets of Dusk Tower before it is too late?

Cover of Torment of the Blood Witch
Torment of the Blood Witch
5th Edition
Level 1
128 pages

The town of Proskur has been cut off from the rest of the kingdom of Cormyr by a terrible storm, just as its people begins to suffer from a feinting sickness. Now the crops are failing. Are these the acts of a vengeful god? Or something more sinister? While aiding the good peoples of Cormyr in their plight against goblin hordes, the restless dead, a band of cut-throat pirates and the wilds of the Gritstone Moorland, the adventurers must investigate the true cause behind these calamities while uncovering a century old past, following in the footsteps of a legendary band of knights. Will they bring the fight to the evil hag, Bad Blood Hattie in her accursed Bloodtower lair? Or doom Proskur to become a blighted ruin?