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Cover of In the Dread of the Night
In the Dread of the Night
Levels 1–3
19 pages

Things are darkest before they go totally black. He wears black, hires orcs, and looks depraved - but don't be fooled. He's far more dangerous than he seems. Thaddigren Dentiata recently arrived in the village of Sisak, and within 3 months had constructed a great tower on the outskirts. The villagers have become more wary of him, since he employs the help of orc henchment (albeit polite ones), and also is suspected of using dark magic. Since then, livestock has begun disappearing from the surrounding pastures, and two drunk men fell upon a terrible fate when they went to investigate the tower secretly. One was killed and the other remains missing. The villagers have confronted Dentiata, but he and his henchmen politely turned aside their questioning. The players arrive just after one of the town elders was taken by orcs from the village after trying in vain to rally the rest of the townspeople. The players will spend some time in the village gathering information and then attack the tower itself, ending in a final battle with the evil wizard. The module provides details on all buildings in the town as well as all NPCs and stores. Pgs. 6-24

Cover of A Hitch in Time
A Hitch in Time
Levels 7–10
11 pages

A trap that perhaps works too well. No matter how much loot you take, you never took anything at all. Confused? Wait until you try this dungeon. The players are hired to investigate and clear a tomb of a time wizard. This tomb is heavily guarded both by creatures and traps, and some sages are concerned that the defenses are lasting longer than they were supposed to. Unknown to the sages, the wizard, Sur-in Am, bound a time elemental to guard the treasures of the tomb. This guardian's duty is to frustrate robbers by returning stolen items to their original place and also reset traps in the tomb. Pgs. 26-36

Cover of Thunder Under Needlespire
Thunder Under Needlespire
Levels 8–12
23 pages

From the magazine: "The monster you're sent out after is so dangerous that even mind flayers fear it. And the illithids want your help!" Earthquakes hit the area around Needlespire mountain, affecting both dwarven and deep gnome villages, and the local mining industry. Deep gnome expeditions discover an illithid outpost! This adventure includes roleplaying encounters with both deep gnomes and illithid in their quest for the true cause of the earthquakes. The creature causing the earthquakes is a draknor which has sent its huge tentacles into the earth seeking magma to fuel its growth. Pgs. 38-60

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