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Cover of Of Kings Unknown
Of Kings Unknown
Levels 2–4
7 pages

This strange fruit has an unusual aftertaste. That horrible blue, bug-eyed monster you just fought - was it really an orc? An alchemist hires the party to gather as many moonmelons as possible for his own experiements. This strange fruit causes random mutations in the offspring of those that eat it. Unfortunately, it can only be found in the domain of a strange and mutated orc tribe. Pgs. 24-31

Cover of Hrothgar's Resting Place
Hrothgar's Resting Place
Levels 4–7
6 pages

He wanted a scabbard - but got the shaft. If the book is to believed, there's a magical sword - completely unguarded! - ripe for the taking. This short adventure starts with the players finding a diary describing the final resting place of Hrothgar and his powerful intelligent sword. In a quest for the sword, the players investigate a small cavern system and find the sword in a gelatinous cube. Pgs. 32-37

Cover of A Rose for Talakara
A Rose for Talakara
Levels 8–12
26 pages

Red for love, white for purity, black for death. He was thoughtful, obedient, and trustworthy - the epitome of a traitor. All he needed were some heroes. A powerful undead knight, Agrovale, wants to be released from a necromancer named Talakara. He sets in motion an elaborate plan to get the players involved in overthrowing Talakara in her bid to become a goddess. He frames the necromancer for a kidnapping and murder and leaves a trail of clues to lead the players to her stronghold. The party travels through an extensive stronghold filled with many different monsters, finishing with a fight with the demigod Talakara and subsequently the freedom-seeking Agrovale. Pgs. 38-63

Cover of The Standing Stones of Sundown
The Standing Stones of Sundown
Levels 4–9
13 pages

The door to the Abyss can be opened with good intentions. An act of mercy released a creature of unspeakable evil. Now, only you have a chance to stop it. A vrock has been trapped inside a stone circle outside the village of Sundown. This stone circle remained untouched for thousands of years, until an unwitting mage decided to depetrify one of the standing stones that he mistakenly thought was a helpless farmer. This released the vrock, who killed the mage and has been trying to regain enough power to plane shift back to its home. This module primarily is based on investigation and problem solving, with a final fight with the vrock at the end. Roleplaying should be emphasized. The town of Sundown is fleshed out with NPCs and stores for player exploration. Pgs. 4-16

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