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Cover of Twilights Last Gleaming
Twilights Last Gleaming
Levels 8–10
18 pages

Where shadows reign, darkness follows. You'll be lucky if you live to see the dawn's early light. The player characters are charged with entering a portal the demiplane of shadows to retrieve a magical staff that can close the portal. Roleplaying and betrayal. This adventure features many creatures native to and associated with the demiplane of shadow, often as random encounters. Pgs. 8-25

Cover of The Whale
The Whale
Levels 1–3
3 pages

What would Greenpeace say about this problem? Last night the Vikings were your hosts. Now, you're in the middle of their feud. A beached whale is claimed by two Viking houses, and is necessary to the survival of both. Player characters are caught in the middle. Roleplaying, politics, negotiation. Set in generic Viking fantasy setting. Pgs. 36-38

Cover of The Ghost of Mistmoor
The Ghost of Mistmoor
Levels 3–6
19 pages

Trouble always comes in threes. For years the mansion has hidden its secrets and its sorrows, but now it has returned to dreadful life. The Ghost of Mistmore is an investigative adventure where the PCs are tasked with finding the entrance to a secret vault in a haunted mansion. There are ghosts to be had, but unbeknownst to the characters also a cunning thief and her sidekick took residence here. It does not contain many combat encounters but has a rich list of spooky events, some from the ghosts, some staged by the thief. Pgs. 52-70

Cover of The Year of Priest's Defiance
The Year of Priest's Defiance
Levels 3–5
9 pages

In a world where water is more precious than gold, you've found an oasis - but you cannot drink a drop! The adventurers, crossing the desert, encounter a sandstorm that uncovers part of an ancient ruin of an unknown type. Green grass, an unusual and astonishing sight on Athas, magically sprouts around the ancient structure. An irresistible treasure lies inside, a source of pure water... Pgs. 26-34

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