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Cover of A Bad Batch of Brownies
A Bad Batch of Brownies
Levels 1–3
10 pages

One bad apple. The brownies would have been fine, except for the addition of one unexpected ingredient. This is a starting adventure for one druid. They set off on a wacky adventure with teh help of their driud master. Pgs. 22-31

Cover of The Menacing Malady
The Menacing Malady
Levels 2–4
9 pages

The doctor is out … of patients! An infection of mold is spreading in the city, and its haveing a mnsterous affect on the population. Its up to the party to deal with this growing threat. Pgs. 60-68

Cover of Challenge of Champions
Challenge of Champions
Levels 1–20
14 pages

Step right up ... You too can be a contestant on … Adventuring Gladiators? A set of challenges meant to test the resolve of the party. Pgs. 32-45

Cover of Caveat Emptor
Caveat Emptor
Levels 3–6
13 pages

Let the buyer be-were! Sometimes you should be afraid to visit the dentist. A small coastal town is plagued with a curse and it is up to the PCs to find out what is causing the inhabitants of the town to transform into mad seawolfs. This adventure is set in the busy seaport of Rocky Harbor, which is located on a sheltered island dep in an extensive archipelago. Rocky Harbor is another location in the Volkrad campaign setting, as previously published in Dungeon Adventures issue #41, Old Man Katan and the Incredible, Edible, Dancing Mushroom Band. Pgs. 8-20

Cover of The Baron's Eyrie
The Baron's Eyrie
Levels 5–7
12 pages

Come on up for a bite. Sometimes the adventure comes to you. The local inhabitants of a large town have been disappearing and its up to find what is causing and bring back the people that have disappeared. Pgs. 48-59

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