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Cover of The Devil Box
The Devil Box
3.5 Edition
Level 2
19 pages

"The Devil Box" is a D&D adventure suitable for four 2nd-level PCs, although it can be modified for parties of 1st or 4th-5th levels as noted int the "Scaling the Adventure" sidebar. Characters completing the adventure are likely to advance to 3rd level. Much of the action takes place in a small town during a festival; this town can easily be dropped into an existing campaign. Since "The Devil Box" expects the PCs to deal with kobolds as temporary allies, it throws in some ethical dilemmas for good-aligned characters. Paladins and good-aligned clerics my have difficulties with such an alliance, but kobolds are definitely the lesser of the two evils involved in this adventure. If the party spurns the assistance of potential kobold allies, you may wish to modify the adventure to make it a bit easier on the player characters, as encounters have been written with the assumption that the heroes have a little help. Uploader's note: A hilariously creepy adventure involving a circus (freakshow), with in style illustrations! (Grid maps included, but not separate maps.)

Cover of Secrets of the Soul Pillars
Secrets of the Soul Pillars
3.5 Edition
Level 12
40 pages

"Wherein the local clergy makes the terrible mistake of not hiring enough assassins for the job." Synopsis: The heroes have just returned from the abyss (Occipitus) and reestablish themselves in Cauldron, when they are assaulted by a group of professional assassins. After they repel the attack, they trace back the lead to the temple of Wee Jas, where they find plenty of opposition from the second in command, Ike Iverson. After dispatching of the cleric and securing of a (spare) soul cage, the group finds evidence of a place important to the cagewrights' cause - an ancient underground complex named Karran Kurral. Mounting an expedition to that place, they find more evidence towards the horrific destiny on schedule for Cauldron. However, they gain access to the Soul Pillars after defeating a dracolich, that they can use to gather plenty of intelligence on the cagewrights' plans. Pgs. 12-51

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