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Cover of The Twisted Run
The Twisted Run
3.5 Edition
Level 17
19 pages

The Beastlord Malar has had enough of the people of the Silver Marches trying to "civilize" the Northlands. Now, with the help of a powerful new weapon, his followers are set to cleanse the stain of Silverymoon from the land. Faerun’s Northlands have always been a dangerous frontier. The frozen woods and treacherous mountains are home to orcs, trolls, lycanthropes, and worse. When the Lady Alustriel brought the northern nations together, the Beastlord Malar could no longer watch as his wilderness was slowly civilized. The god chose his most worthy follower, anth-Malar, suffused him with divine essence, and tasked him with bringing devastation and chaos to all who defiled the wilderness. This adventure is a sequel to "Forest of Blood" which originally appeared in Dungeon #103. Pgs. 70-88

Cover of A Gathering of Winds
A Gathering of Winds
3.5 Edition
Level 11
29 pages

The PCs return to Diamond Lake to consult with the sage Allustan, they find the town in shambles and Allustan is missing. Locals tell tales of a terrible dragon's rampage through town. Unfortunately for the characters, the dragon is only the beginning. "A Gathering of Winds" is the sixth installment of the Age of Worms Adventure Path, a complete campaign consisting of 12 adventures, several "Backdrop" articles to help Dungeon masters run the series, and a handful of poster maps of key locations. For additional aid in running this campaign, check out Dragon's monthly "Worm Food" articles, a series that provides additional materials to help players survive this campaign. Those who have studied the cult of Kyuss and read through the Apostolic Scrolls they recovered in "The Champion's Belt" may qualify for the wormhunter prestige class, a highly customizable five-level prestige class detailed in Dragon #338's "Wormfood." Pgs. 38-66

Cover of Murder In Oakbridge
Murder In Oakbridge
3.5 Edition
Level 5
15 pages

A killer has come to Oakbridge, and she won't stop her murderous campaign until she exacts revenge against a group of ex-carnies who have come to Sharn in an attempt to start new lives in the aftermath of the Last War. Pgs. 22-36

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