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Cover of The Beasts of Aulbesmil
The Beasts of Aulbesmil
3.5 Edition
Level 3
13 pages

The sleepy forest town of Aulbesmil has seen better days. Orcs and monsters lurk in the woods now, but the real menace hides in the town itself. The PCs arrive in town to investigate a mysterious tragedy that has befallen the townsfolk. As they explore the town, they learn of other strange happenings and must assemble the puzzle to figure out who is responsible for the thefts and disappearances. Eventually, they track down the baron's culprit and bring him to justice, as well as liberate the captive nephew of the Baron. Pgs. 16-28

Cover of The Hateful Legacy
The Hateful Legacy
3.5 Edition
Level 12
17 pages

At the end of the Hateful Wars, Lord Sandor led his army into the Barrier Peaks in pursuit of a host of goblins and orcs. He and his army vanished, and now a group of adventurers follows his footsteps to discover what doom fell upon him and his men. Pgs. 30-46

Cover of The Prince of Redhand
The Prince of Redhand
3.5 Edition
Level 15
32 pages

Prince Zeech, the ruler of the town of Alhaster and lord of the domain of Redhand, is throwing a party. Bandits, slavers, pirates, and worse have been invited, along with a mysterious woman who holds the key to the coming apocalypse. "The Prince of Redhand" is the eighth installment of the Age of Worms Adventure Path, a complete campaign consisting of 12 adventures, several "Backdrop" articles to help Dungeon masters run the series, and a handful of poster maps of key locations. For additional aid in running this campaign, check out Dragon's monthly "Worm Food" articles, a series that provides additional materials to help players survive this campaign. Issue #340 of Dragon presents guidelines for what the PCs can do to dress to impress, and perhaps eke out a few precious bonuses on their Diplomacy checks. Pgs. 48-79

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