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Cover of Dawn of a New Age
Dawn of a New Age
3.5 Edition
Level 20
35 pages

Alhaster is in flames, choking on the poison mists of the Wormgod's first tentative breaths on the Material Plane. The Age of Worms has begun, and unless the PCs can kill a god, this new age will be dark indeed. "Dawn of a New Age" is the final installment of the Age of Worms Adventure Path, a complete campaign consisting of 12 adventures, several "Backdrop" articles to help Dungeon masters run the series, and a handful of poster maps of key locations. For additional aid in running this campaign, check out Dragon's monthly "Worm Food" articles, a series that provides additional materials to help players survive this campaign. Issue #334 of Dragon presents some advice on rules specific to the Age of Worms to aid players (and DMs) in making the transition beyond 20th level. Pgs. 52-86

Cover of Funeral Procession
Funeral Procession
3.5 Edition
Levels 1–5
15 pages

For months, the brutal serial killer Crimson stalked the streets of Saltmarsh, preying on dozens of men and women. Now the murderer lies dead, but although justice has been done, the danger has not yet passed. A soul as wicked and deprived as Crimson's does not rest quietly, and the local cult of Graz'zt has plans for the coming monstrosity. A D&D adventure for 1st-level characters.

Cover of Chains of Blackmaw
Chains of Blackmaw
3.5 Edition
Levels 6–12
17 pages

Framed by the Covenant of the Knife and thrown in the notorious Blackmaw Prison, Karl Manderholm awaits his execution at the hands of the deadly assassins’ guild. In order to save him, the PCs must enter Blackmaw in the guise of lowly prisoners and expose the one man who can clear Karl’s name, the Shadowmaster of the Covenant himself. Pgs. 34-50

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