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Cover of The Dreams of Ruin
The Dreams of Ruin
Levels 12–18
260 pages

Designed to remedy the lack of "end game" content for Old School-style gaming, The Dreams of Ruin is a setting-neutral adventure supplement aimed at characters of level 12 to 16. The material can be used with groups from level 8 to max level (and beyond, if the system supports ascent to divinity for high-level character). Capable of challenging even the most experienced players and most powerful characters, The Dreams of Ruin are an unforgettable addition to any high-level campaign. But beware! The dreams are mighty and can overwhelm even fearsome warlords and powerful wizard-kings. One touch of them, and your campaign world will never be the same.

Cover of Into the Witchwood
Into the Witchwood
5th Edition
Level 1
11 pages

Many of the local lords had gathered for a peace moot. A perfect opportunity for the demon-possessed Aeldrith Forkbeard to murder them all in cold blood. The PCs, attending the moot, must now flee for their lives. Harried by a Northlander warband, the party is forced to flee into the dreaded Witchwood. To reach the safety of the Kingdom of Marshes they must traverse the depths of the forest, avoiding Northlander raiders and the strange creatures of the Witchwood. The adventure also takes the PCs into the Feywild, where time runs strangely and memories are fragile. Finally, they must face the chilling Gatekeeper guarding the Feywild portal that allows the PCs to return to the Material Plane. Into the Witchwood is a generic adventure suitable for use in the Moonshae Isles. The adventure includes a map of the area, three new creatures and a new legendary magic item, the Circle of the Forest God.

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