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Tower of the Ascendants
4th Edition
Levels 1–3
35 pages

A ten-part, fourthcore megadungeon designed to take a party of 4-6 players from level 1 to level 10. The Voice of All spoke three times before falling into silence. The first time to give shape to the Ancients. The second to give them the world as their domain. The third to build the TOWER for the war that was to come. And war did come. The Ancients, primordial warriors charged with protecting the world, were subverted by three great crusaders, vindictive and powerful. The Ancients were stripped of immortality and cast from the heavens to serve and suffer with the rest of humanity. The crusaders claimed new bodies for themselves, and became the Triumvirate, god-tyrants of all realms. The long line of descendants of the Ancients is dwindling, along with humanity’s last hope. What few remain have gathered to enter the TOWER OF THE ASCENDANTS. Crumbling stone tablets of ages forgotten say that a mortal who ascends the TOWER that pierces the heavens and slays the gods who dwell in its highest bower will reclaim lost immortality.

Cover of DL1 Dragons of Despair
DL1 Dragons of Despair
Levels 4–6
32 pages

The beginning adventure to the Dragonlance, War of the Lance series of adventures, upon which the Dragonlance novels are based. The companions meet in the Inn of the Last Home to discover a barbarian couple with a mysterious staff. The PCs journey to discover the staff's history which leads them to a ruined temple to the Forgotten Gods. Includes a full map of Xak Tsaroth and overland maps, some color. Art by Jeff Easley. TSR 9130

Cover of Asflag's Unintentional Emporium
Asflag's Unintentional Emporium
Levels 3–7
14 pages

When the wizard's gone, who minds his home? The wizard's gone, and his pets are home alone - but not for long! The wizard, Asflag, has met a horrible fate as a result of a sorcerous accident! Dangerous creatures have since been escaping from his home. The players are hired by the town to stop this danger. Pgs. 8-21

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