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Cover of The Grandmother Tree
The Grandmother Tree
5th Edition
Levels 2–3
15 pages

Cookie swarms? Bubble traps? A three-story tree house? The Grandmother Tree is a whimsical adventure about friendship aimed at elementary kids (and kids at heart) who love the problem-solving and adventuring part of playing Dungeons & Dragons and enjoy resolving encounters with less combat. Share your joy of Dungeons & Dragons with the whole family! This two-hour one-shot is suited for characters level 2-3, and includes the following features: -New ‘monster’ and trap that appeal to kids -Full-color maps -Detailed flowchart of the whole adventure to streamline your prep -Can be dropped into any existing campaign or run on its own -Fully playtested by kids -Printer-friendly version of the adventure and maps -Kid-friendly artwork -Interactive mini games your whole table will enjoy -Tips on playing TTRPGs with kids, graciously donated by Anne Gregersen from her best-selling guide, Little Heroes -A portion of the proceeds benefits Extra Life, helping fund children’s hospitals

Cover of Lost in Shadow
Lost in Shadow
5th Edition
Levels 1–5
73 pages

This alternate starter campaign takes you to all the familiar locations of the Lost Mine of Phandelver adventure from the other side of the veil. Some places look the same, some very different. The entire plane is trying to strip you of your mind, your memory, and your motivation. Discover how the Forge of Spells was fueled. Learn the location of lost adventurers from the original Phandelver expedition. See what Cragmaw Castle looked like in its prime. All of this and more, as this takes you from level 1 to level 5 with well over 20 hours of play time. If you are looking to start a new campaign or just experience familiar locations in a new setting, this supplement accommodates. Inside you'll find: Maps: Nine encounter maps Cragmaw Castle rebuilt, including the upper floor, and underground level. Wave Echo Cave before it was tunneled. A very different looking Redbrant Hideout Ruins of a town similar to Phandalin A swamp and muck version of Cragmaw Hideout Plus new magic items, and more Monsters: 37 new creatures Lore Information on a shadowy Yuan-ti empire A new offshoot of the abyssal demonhive A cult using the stoic ways of stone to evade the Raven Queen's watchful eye and pilfering ways. New players vying for control of the Shadowfell Shadowfell Guide: Information on the plane, its inhabitants, and included with this supplement is the best selling Shadowfell Random Encounters appendix. Easter Eggs Hidden throughout the story are references to Lost Mine of Phandelver. Including references to other hard cover books as well.

Cover of BMILL 01-02 Finding Kat
BMILL 01-02 Finding Kat
5th Edition
Levels 2–4
24 pages

The characters are introduced to the coup occurring in Whitehorn and are tasked with warning a friend, whose family is involved, about it. (characters can choose one instrument as a reward)

Cover of Escape from Wheloon
Escape from Wheloon
5th Edition
Levels 1–4
21 pages

The walled city of Wheloon holds the criminal population of Cormyr. The residents of that place are bound to it forever and cut off from the outside world. Inside, plans are made and malcontents pool their resources – and outside, forces influence the innocent to ensure that a dire plot can be realized without interference from the knights and mages that guard the realm. Now you’re here with no memory of what brought you to Wheloon, and all you can think of is finding out why!

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