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Cover of Smashing Pumpkins! 5e adventure
Smashing Pumpkins! 5e adventure
5th Edition
Levels 3–5
80 pages

Reeve Dunder Chorley has an offer you can’t refuse - perform at his village fete in exchange for a small fortune! Visit picturesque Brindlebury and dive into country life! Judge pumpkins, show off your skills, fight Elder gods… Smashing Pumpkins is a 5e Folk Horror adventure for a level 3-5 party. The adventure has five parts, four of which are set in a rural, sand-box locale. Total playing time is around 12 hours or 4 sessions, based on a party of 4 adventurers playing at Level 3. It can be played as a one-shot or part of a larger campaign. Included within the 80-page booklet: Over 12+ hours of gaming in an immersive sandbox environment full of interesting locales and encounters. Catchy narrative hooks, side-quests and minigames to draw your players in with hours of atmospheric play. 7 intricately detailed, full-colour maps (also included as jpegs for digital play) and over 15 interactive and eccentric NPCS. All for the tiny sum of $7.95! GRAB A CIDER AND JOIN THE REAP!

Cover of The Swamp Beast
The Swamp Beast
5th Edition
Level 4
13 pages

Some weeks ago, a tiny sliver of shadow crept into Yarralanya Swamp. It fed on the worms, then on the fish and snakes, growing larger over time until it threatened the lives of the swamp folk, who took up their weapons and fought back, to no avail. In order to buy time for a second attempt, the swamp folk began to steal livestock from the nearby village to satiate the beast’s hunger. After all, who but those villagers could be responsible for unleashing this threat? Soon after, a band of adventurers visiting Rishel’s Hollow find themselves tasked with a simple mission: end the theft of cattle by whatever means necessary. This adventure should run for 3-5 hours, either as a standalone one-shot or as part of an existing campaign, especially one featuring creatures from the Shadowfell or the experiments of a mage. Encounters assume a party of 4-6 level 4 characters.

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