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Cover of The Brightness of Mornstead
The Brightness of Mornstead
5th Edition
Levels 5–8
8 pages

The Brightness of Mornstead This challenging, three-hour, one-shot adventure is intended for parties between levels 5-8. Five years ago, a dragon destroyed the peaceful town of Mornstead. Now, a man named Wiles Killinger has rediscovered a mysterious artifact from the ruins and seeks revenge against the dragon that destroyed his life. However, not all is as it seems in this tale of lore, mystery, and betrayal. Will the dragon be slain by mighty heros or will the horrors of the living dead return to cover the land? Adventure Features Flavor text and pre-written quotes let the DM jump right in with minimal prep time. A level-scaling table for on-the-fly-customization of the final battle. NPC information and backgrounds. Multiple plot points that can be expanded into a full-fledged campaign.

Cover of The Undying Tournament
The Undying Tournament
5th Edition
Level 8
6 pages

Within the darakhul city of Gonderif, at the nadir of a thousand‑foot‑deep chasm, is the site of a vile tournament where Gonderif ’s most rebellious slaves and war prisoners are forced to fight to the death—and through undeath after undeath—until only one living champion remains. Whether they came as captives or as liberators, the PCs must survive the Undying Tournament.

Cover of The Desert Vault
The Desert Vault
5th Edition
Level 1
5 pages

The adventurers are asked to search for a local temple official who has not returned after leaving to search for a hidden treasure vault. On their way, they are attacked by some Kobolds and chase the fleeing monsters to the hidden entrance. The adventurers explore the ruins and discover what has become of the missing temple official.

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