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Cover of Wizard of the Wildering Woods
Wizard of the Wildering Woods
5th Edition
Levels 1–2
13 pages

The ancient forest known as the Wildering Woods has a reputation for confounding those who dare venture through it. When a series of unusual events befall a nearby lumber camp, the player characters are asked to seek out a mysterious wizard rumored to reside within. As the adventure unfolds, it soon becomes apparent that big trouble awaits them inside the forest. What's included: 1 fanciful adventure divided into single-page sections for easy running 2 fully-colored maps with unlabeled versions for players (made with assets from 2-minute Tabletop) 3 custom creature statblocks with clickable links for quick access Content Warning: Violence, death, abduction around the Wildering Woods, a fey-inhabited forest whose residents are being terrorized by a delusional hill giant who believes he is a wizard.

Cover of Cavern of the Violator
Cavern of the Violator
5th Edition
Levels 1–4
26 pages

When local farmer Jonas Cappa goes missing while hunting mushrooms and then reappears, hours later, naked and without any of his belongings, his wife goes to the party to investigate. Jonas claims to have fallen into a hole in the ground, but none can be found. What really happened to him and can it be stopped before things get worse? (Spoiler: they are probably going to get worse). A one-shot adventure for characters of levels 1-4 designed to be dropped into any campaign, inspired by the X-Files (but firmly D&D).

Cover of A Wild Hunt
A Wild Hunt
5th Edition
Level 2
7 pages

In a remote mountain region, a ranch suffers from grave misfortune that has wiped out both the livestock and the family who once lived there. Rumor has it that a nine-tailed fox is behind the tragedy and continues to plague the area. A well-meaning monk seeks the aid of an adventuring party to put an end to the curse.

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