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Cover of The Dark Tower of Cabilar
The Dark Tower of Cabilar
Levels 4–7
15 pages

The prince's godmother commissions you to retrieve the prince's jade crown, held in the tower of the vampire! The vampire's tower has three levels, and the three-level dungeon below 45 rooms. The party must be wary! Lethal traps abound. Marching order is important. A straight-forward dungeon crawl with many Gygaxian rooms and encounters. No roleplaying to speak of. Pgs. 4-18

Cover of Tangled Braids
Tangled Braids
5th Edition
Levels 2–5
7 pages

A spirit is attacking a town — no one knows why, but they’re determined to be rid of her. The adventuring party is recruited to investigate. However, what appears to be a simple haunting turns into a story of justice. Pgs. 43-59

Cover of Forget Me Not
Forget Me Not
5th Edition
Levels 5–10
12 pages

Who ever heard of a civilized gnoll? Stories of a secluded valley full of peaceful gnolls have been swirling for years, the occasional nonviolent encounters dismissed as tall tales or unique oddities. Now you are about to discover these gnolls for yourself. The rumors are true...but the full truth is a secret more terrible than anyone knew. A sect of the tribe maintain the magical peace by a terrible ritual sacrifice--not of blood, but of memory. The gnolls who undergo it become Forgotten, losing their identity and becoming a stranger to the clan who once knew and loved them. What is the truth behind the valley's protection? Will the gnolls be allowed to continue living in peace? Or will their only hope become Forgotten?

Cover of Lost in Shadow
Lost in Shadow
5th Edition
Levels 1–5
73 pages

This alternate starter campaign takes you to all the familiar locations of the Lost Mine of Phandelver adventure from the other side of the veil. Some places look the same, some very different. The entire plane is trying to strip you of your mind, your memory, and your motivation. Discover how the Forge of Spells was fueled. Learn the location of lost adventurers from the original Phandelver expedition. See what Cragmaw Castle looked like in its prime. All of this and more, as this takes you from level 1 to level 5 with well over 20 hours of play time. If you are looking to start a new campaign or just experience familiar locations in a new setting, this supplement accommodates. Inside you'll find: Maps: Nine encounter maps Cragmaw Castle rebuilt, including the upper floor, and underground level. Wave Echo Cave before it was tunneled. A very different looking Redbrant Hideout Ruins of a town similar to Phandalin A swamp and muck version of Cragmaw Hideout Plus new magic items, and more Monsters: 37 new creatures Lore Information on a shadowy Yuan-ti empire A new offshoot of the abyssal demonhive A cult using the stoic ways of stone to evade the Raven Queen's watchful eye and pilfering ways. New players vying for control of the Shadowfell Shadowfell Guide: Information on the plane, its inhabitants, and included with this supplement is the best selling Shadowfell Random Encounters appendix. Easter Eggs Hidden throughout the story are references to Lost Mine of Phandelver. Including references to other hard cover books as well.

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