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Cover of Rising Sands
Rising Sands
5th Edition
Levels 6–8
17 pages

The heroes have been captured by Alaethryia, a blue dragon caught in a centuries-old war with a mummy lord. With Alaethryia at their backs, the heroes must put the mummy to rest and escape the Tomb of the Defiler in this classic dungeon crawl.

Cover of The Ghost of Harrow Hill
The Ghost of Harrow Hill
Level 1
17 pages

Part of the First Quest Box Set TSR1105, this is an adventure designed to introduce new players and DMs to AD&D. Ever want to spend a night in a haunted house? Want to know what it would be like to meet a ghost? Well, doom creeps closer and closer with each hour your heroes spend in the old house on Harrow Hill! Are they brave enough to make it through the night? Or will the ghost claim some new victims? First Quest Adventure Book Pgs. 28-44

Cover of The Emerald Spire Superdungeon
The Emerald Spire Superdungeon
Levels 1–13
159 pages

For ages untold, a gemstone monolith has pierced the heart of the Echo Wood. Now, as civilization intrudes upon this enigmatic splinter, a strange life once again stirs in the depths—one with ties to undying evils and a might beyond time itself. The promise of wealth and power calls to glory-seekers from across the Inner Sea region, tempting them into a labyrinth of monster-haunted vaults, defiled tombs, arcane laboratories, and worse, as they seek to unveil the secrets locked below the legendary Emerald Spire.

Cover of Easy Money
Easy Money
Levels 4–6
6 pages

Jack Mooney owner of the "Jack Mooney & Sons" Circus. Wants to hire the PCs to capture a great cave bear with a brilliant golden coat.

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