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Cover of Uzaglu of the Underdark
Uzaglu of the Underdark
Levels 5–10
4 pages

"The module takes place in a large cavern that is part of an extensive underground cave network. It can be used as a side-trek encounter in the Undermountain or Night Below campaign." -- from the adventure. Includes a small keyed map of the cavern.

Cover of Rappan Athuk - The Dungeon of Graves (5E)
Rappan Athuk - The Dungeon of Graves (5E)
5th Edition
Levels 4–7
662 pages

The Dungeon of Graves, is nothing more and nothing less than a good, old–fashioned, First Edition dungeon crawl updated for the 5th Edition Roleplaying Game. Very difficult, it should strike fear into the hearts of the most stalwart adventurers. It offers an abundance of traps, tricks, and monsters. We hope that you find this module as fun and exciting as those thousands of players who have ventured into (and not as often out of) the endless caverns and mazes of Rappan Athuk—The Dungeon of Graves. Rappan Athuk is a difficult dungeon. Even the upper dungeon levels should not be attempted by a party of less than six mid-level characters.

Cover of The Lair of Sarkt
The Lair of Sarkt
3.5 Edition
Medium Level
7 pages

Sarkt is an illithid sorcerer. It was cast out of its community for its heretical studies (Sarkt was in fact, lucky to escape alive). It didn't take the cunning creature long to pick up a few thralls and find a new place to live, safe from the murderous intentions of its companions. Sarkt dwells in the subterranean ruins of an ancient shrine to Blibdoolpoolp, the crustacean-headed deity of the kuo-toas. This shrine lies on the fringe of a region controlled by kuo-toas, but since Sarkt's arrival, the fishmen avoid the area. A few unfortunate kuo-toas now serve Sarkt as thralls and maintain the illusion that the shrine serves Blibdoolpoolp.

Cover of Chagmat, Greyhawk Aid - World of Bandits
Chagmat, Greyhawk Aid - World of Bandits
Levels 1–4
16 pages

The town of Byr is in need of heroes. Residents of the town of Byr have been kidnapped. Some think it was marauding Hobgoblins, but a grizzled and crippled veteran who helped to drive the Chagmat (monstrous spider-people) back many years ago believes that the Chagmat are back. Their forgotten temple is believed to be up on Little Boy Mountain. He argues that the mountain is where answers, and the missing townsfolk, can be found. Pgs. 33-48

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