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Cover of The Leopard Men
The Leopard Men
Levels 8–10
15 pages

A deadly rumble in the jungle. The wicked Leopard Men might have loads of treasure - but no one has ever met one and lived to talk about it. The Leopard Men are a tribal cult in the jungle who worship the wicked leopard god. They stalk at night looking for suitable sacrifices to their god. A merchant asks the PCs to destroy the Leopard Men to improve his trade agreements with other jungle tribes. Their reward for doing so is all the accumulated wealth of this tribe. The party will investigate the cult by travelling through several tribal villages. The cult members are hidden in these villages, watching for future sacrifice victims. The adventure ends with a battle with the leader of the Leopard Men and a spirit of the leopard god that is summoned. Pgs. 13-27

Cover of Hirward's Task
Hirward's Task
Levels 4–8
20 pages

When a wizard makes a mistake, he makes a MISTAKE. Hirward the Wizard has a little problem on his hands - and it's destroying his fortress, followers and future. A good mix of character types is strongly advised, but paladins, rangers, dwarves, and gnomes may not be comfortable sparing the lives of Hirward’s kobold assistants. A generally neutral party composed of humans and half-orcs will stand the best chance of completing Hirward’s Task. This not a standard "hack-and-slash” adventure. The PCs will have to do some fighting to he successful in completing the module, but most of the time they must use their brains to figure out the best way to complete their mission. Pgs. 45-64

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