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Cover of Pathfinder Adventure Path #85: Fires of Creation (Iron Gods 1 of 6)
Pathfinder Adventure Path #85: Fires of Creation (Iron Gods 1 of 6)
Level 1
96 pages

The Iron Gods Adventure Path begins with "Fires of Creation," an exciting new adventure set in Numeria, land of barbarians and super-science! In the town of Torch, the settlement's unignorable tower of violet flame has gone out. The only clue to its disappearance is a newly discovered cave dug nearby. Are the heroes bold enough to unearth the otherworldly secrets that sleep beneath the city and reignite the fires of Torch? Or will their first foray into Numeria's ancient mysteries be their last?

Cover of Death Unchained
Death Unchained
Levels 5–7
64 pages

You have no friends here What can you do when the Mists deposit you in the city of Lekar? The militia is no better than a gang of sadistic bullies, the citizens are more contagious than a fleet of plague ships, and every foot of public space is covered with corpses of criminals who committed no crime greater than struggling to survive in the oppressive domain of Falkovnia. Danger haunts your every move A secret society of assassins, known only as the Ebon Fold, has been hunting down visitors to Lekar and killing them in a most grisly fashion; all that remains of the victims are desiccated husks that crumble to ash when touched... and you are their next targets. There is no escape When everyone who has befriended you is either dead or hunted by the authorities, you have no choice but to fight back. But the Ebon Fold is a numberless horde whose leader holds sway over death. How can you defeat enemies that won't stay in the grave? They strike from the depths of darkness and steal your life... one dagger stroke at a time. This 64-page adventure can be played independently, or as the opening challenge in the Grim Harvest series that continues with Death Ascendant and concludes with Requiem. Inside the package is a poster map that fully details asll 10 levels of the chilling complex known as the Well of Bones. TSR 9523

Cover of The Sunken Village of Little Corth
The Sunken Village of Little Corth
5th Edition
Level 2
86 pages

'The Sunken Village of Little Corth' is a 2nd level Dungeons and Dragons adventure centred on a time-paradox puzzle. The PCs travel across a necrotic marsh (the Grey Creeping) to a sunken village where, upon being transported back 2000 years into the past, they must prevent a necromancer freeing Orcus (demon prince of Undeath) from the imprisoning veils of the spirit plane. If only it was as simple as that, for the PCs must also contend with deactivating a giant mechanical orrery, and be sharp enough to realise that the useful items that helped them survive the Grey Creeoing must be found and placed for their 'future-past' selves.

Cover of Trouble Cubed
Trouble Cubed
3rd Edition
Levels 5–7
2 pages

Trouble Cubed is a is a pseudo-adventure with three interesting gelatinous cube encounters. These three encounters are structured in a way that they can be used together as one adventure, or each individually dropped into any adventure from EL5 to 7. The encounters vary the cube's encounter situation significantly, and the tactics needed to deal with them, such as by trapping a character with a portcullis between a cube and a pit trap, placing a cube half down a pit trap, and having the cube accidentally ingest a beneficial potion (such as spider climb). Pgs. 29-30

Cover of DDEN2 Princes of the Apocalypse
DDEN2 Princes of the Apocalypse
5th Edition
Levels 1–4
53 pages

In this prelude to the full Princes of the Apocalypse campaign book, adventurers face off against the influence of Elemental Cultists in the hills and canyons of the Dessarin Valley. The four mini-adventures within are only tangentially related to each-other, and instead serve as starting points and hooks for the plots of the complete Princes of the Apocalypse Campaign. Players start in the well-described town of Red Larch; first investigating a local necromancer, then uncovering cult influences within the town, and finally heading off to infiltrate or do battle with two small elemental cultist strongholds. All parts of this adventure can serve as great places to seed hooks for other campaigns.

Cover of Escape from the Forge of Dumathoin
Escape from the Forge of Dumathoin
5th Edition
Levels 3–4
21 pages

This 4 hour adventure for 3rd level characters begins in a prison cell where the adventurers must figure out a way to escape, acquire weapons and armor to defend themselves more effectively, and most importantly, escape a repurposed dwarven forge that has been appropriated by a fire giant who uses slave labor and even a captured red dragon wyrmling to smelt ore and forge an arsenal under the volcano Mt. Hotenow.

Cover of AT3 Playing Down the Dawn
AT3 Playing Down the Dawn
Levels 5–7
12 pages

The tournament of the bloody stones has come to Taux, and the streets are said to run red with the blood of the combatants. Now, amid the crackdowns of the Sturgeons and the secret duels of the three great fencing schools, the heroes must once and for all solve the mystery of the House Vash blood feud. Taking on the guise of foreign swashbucklers, all must brave bloody single combat, pirates, ravenous cursed lowl, and evne magical reverberations from distant Roslof Keep! Complete the Adventures of the Emperald Serpent trilogy with this module. This adventure is formatted to both 1E & 5E gaming rules. Also available in PDF.

Cover of Hidden Oasis - Temple of Thoth
Hidden Oasis - Temple of Thoth
5th Edition
Levels 7–9
19 pages

The Hidden Oasis-Temple of Thoth brings the characters to a hidden temple of Thoth, god of knowledge, magic, and travel, where they are confronted with a force of invading extra-dimensional locust creatures and the chance to get their hands on an ancient artifact. What band of heroes could resist the challenge?

Cover of Ssscaly Thingsss
Ssscaly Thingsss
Levels 3–6
14 pages

Second in the Mere of Dead Men series, your Patron, Sir Justin sends you to investigate Mornhaven Towers and the rumors that Lizard Men are plundering travelers on the High Road. Set in the Mere of Dead Men region of the Forgotten Realms.

Cover of Paying the Shadow Toll
Paying the Shadow Toll
5th Edition
Levels 4–5
4 pages

A shadow goblin lair suitable for four or five 4th-level characters. A growing band of goblins led by a powerful shadow goblin named Hurkl are demanding a toll to travelers on the Dancing Shadow Path. When the heroes are chasing a fugitive through the area and come across the toll...what will they do?

Cover of The Hateful Legacy
The Hateful Legacy
3.5 Edition
Level 12
17 pages

At the end of the Hateful Wars, Lord Sandor led his army into the Barrier Peaks in pursuit of a host of goblins and orcs. He and his army vanished, and now a group of adventurers follows his footsteps to discover what doom fell upon him and his men. Pgs. 30-46

Cover of Jungle Politics
Jungle Politics
5th Edition
Levels 3–5
8 pages

Frog-Emperor Tadpool has led his people to the wonderful warmth of the jungle peninsula, and seeks to be part of the grung village of Dungrunglung. However, he'll need some impressive gifts if the grungs are going to let their poison-less cousins move in. The adventurers will assist the king's aide, Pond-Dredger, in completing these tasks. This adventure should take approximately two hours and is designed for a party of four players, ranging from levels 3-5. Jungle Politics is a short, lighthearted module that can help facilitate the player's introduction to Dungrunglung. If aided, the bullywugs can translate the grung language to common, an invaluable asset when dealing with a race that speaks only one language and who are known for poor tempers.

Cover of Temple of Xhodes
Temple of Xhodes
5th Edition
Levels 2–4
20 pages

The Temple of Xhodes is half wilderness adventure, half dungeon crawl for 4-6 characters of 2nd level. People have been disappearing from Eastbrook and surrounding lands. Can the adventurers figure out why – and who’s behind it? Can they stop the cultists before they take over?

Cover of Return to the Glory
Return to the Glory
5th Edition
Levels 6–8
38 pages

Your people once dominated everything south of the mountains; you had the greatest, most advanced underground stronghold ever known to orc-kind. Then the cataclysm happened. Centuries have passed, and only a few tribes have survived and assembled under the banner of one cause. Reclaim what was once yours! This adventure is designed for four to six orc characters, levels 6 to 8.

Tower of the Ascendants
4th Edition
Levels 1–3
35 pages

A ten-part, fourthcore megadungeon designed to take a party of 4-6 players from level 1 to level 10. The Voice of All spoke three times before falling into silence. The first time to give shape to the Ancients. The second to give them the world as their domain. The third to build the TOWER for the war that was to come. And war did come. The Ancients, primordial warriors charged with protecting the world, were subverted by three great crusaders, vindictive and powerful. The Ancients were stripped of immortality and cast from the heavens to serve and suffer with the rest of humanity. The crusaders claimed new bodies for themselves, and became the Triumvirate, god-tyrants of all realms. The long line of descendants of the Ancients is dwindling, along with humanity’s last hope. What few remain have gathered to enter the TOWER OF THE ASCENDANTS. Crumbling stone tablets of ages forgotten say that a mortal who ascends the TOWER that pierces the heavens and slays the gods who dwell in its highest bower will reclaim lost immortality.

Cover of The Ice Tyrant
The Ice Tyrant
Levels 5–7
24 pages

The Ice Tyrant is a Dragonlance Firth Age adventure set in Southern Ergoth, the domain of Gellidus the white dragon. This scenario takes the heroes from a coldswept refuge of the Silvanesti elves to the citadel of Anghanor, left untouched since the Knights of Takhisis' withdrawal in 383 A.C. (just before the Second Catalcysm). The once-familiar locales of Ergoth have changed since the War of the Lance. Now, in the Age of Mortals, most of Southern Ergoth is covered by a great glacier, and the capital city of Daltigoth has fallen to ogres loyal to the brutal dragon overlord Gellidus (known to humans as Frost). The adventure begins when the heroes join a band of Silvanesti renegades who have successfully evaded Gellidus' clutches. The elves plan to strike back at the cruel Ice Tyrant by uncovering his "secret" in Anghanor. --from the adventure. NOTE: this module uses the Fifth Age rules based on the Saga card system. It is supplemented by AD&D rule text boxes. As such, there is no recommended level although Tier 2 play seems appropriate. Includes an overland map and a map of the tower and keep. Pgs. 26-49

Cover of Towers of Evil
Towers of Evil
Levels 3–5
16 pages

Devastated in a war with a nearby wizards' school, the Fighters' Academy has since been surrounded by a foul and dank swamp - the Gloomfens. Since the climatctic battle between the wizards and fighters, the tower has decayed. The spirit of the head of the academy haunts the building, eternally plotting his revenge on the wizards who killed him. his loyal sutdents remain faithful to him even in death. Other foul undead have made their home in the rotting, spacious academy. From their lair, they make forays into farmsteads near the swamp in search of victims to feed their unspeakable appetites. The Problem of these terrible attacks by the savage undead will not stop until the evil that has found a home at the tower is burned from the face of the land forever. Will your party heed the call and help the town of Melinir? Will they be able to clear the former Academy of its undead? Towers of Evil is the second in a three part adventure, The Haunted Tower. Or, it can be ran as a stand alone adventure. The choice is up to you. Part of TSR 1081 The Haunted Tower

Cover of Against the Cult of the Bat God
Against the Cult of the Bat God
Level 5
68 pages

The Lonely Coast’s most remote village, Oakhurst broods under the dark boughs of the Tangled Woods. Rumours of incest, murder and vile rites during the black of night surround its insular citizens. It is a place most wise people avoid as the very air seems inhospitable to strangers. Yet in the rumours is a grain of truth, for something dark does indeed stir in the shadow haunted trees and hunched homes of Oakhurst. An ancient evil, hungry with the thirst for blood, awakens from its eons long sleep. As disappearances mount and the Lonely Coast can no longer turn a blind eye to the blight that is Oakhurst, heroes are called upon to investigate the foul rumours and mysteries that plague the village. As the search for the truth intensifies, they may find themselves the next victims of a rising, bloodthirsty evil. Can they survive Against the Cult of the Bat God? Although designed for The Lonely Coast, a free mini-campaign setting available from Raging Swan Press, Against the Cult of the Bat God is simple to insert into almost any GM's home campaign.

Cover of The Great Trial
The Great Trial
5th Edition
Levels 6–7
37 pages

The Great Trial is a 5e adventure for characters starting at 7th-level and ending at 10th-level. It's a dungeon consisting in the 3 levels, where the first level is the lowermost one and the last is the uppermost one: First level is composed by mean traps, puzzles and combat; Second level is a labyrinth with a construct Minotaur - the Minotal - and an iron wyvern, brand new creatures; The last and uppermost level is actually a jungle-like demi-place filled with dinosaurs in an open world format. Aenor Gleenwith, a powerful elf wizard, wants to make history alongisde Acererak for his Tomb of Horror and Halaster for his Undermountain. So he created his own dungeon. To test its efficiency, he captures adventurers and puts them in the lowermost level, where they need to work together to survive and leave the dangerous place. At the end, Aenor himself greets the group offering them apologies for the harm caused, to fix all damage caused and also rewarding them for the forced help. This module can be run in any setting, campaign, or as a one-shot. It should take around 10 to 14 hours to complete it since it contains 3 Chapters.

Cover of G1-2-3 Against The Giants
G1-2-3 Against The Giants
Levels 8–12
32 pages

This material was originally published as three separate adventures: G1 (STEADING OF THE HILL GIANT CHIEF), G2 (THE GLACIAL RIFT OF THE FROST GIANT JARL), and G3 (HALL OF THE FIRE GIANT KING). Contained herein are referee notes, background information, maps, and exploration keys for three complete adventures using the ADVANCED DUNGEONS & DRAGONS rules. This module can be used alone or as the first in a series of adventures that includes Dungeon Modules D1-2 (DESCENT INTO THE DEPTHS OF THE EARTH), D3 (VAULT OF THE DROW), and Q1 (QUEEN OF THE DEMONWEB PITS). TSR 9058