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Cover of The Vault of Iptiz
The Vault of Iptiz
5th Edition
Level 5
9 pages

There is the well-known regional legend of Iptiz, a spirit naga whose greed was remarkable even among its own kind. Murderous raids and relentless pillaging yielded a hoard so valuable that the creature needed some place to store and protect it. Thus was the Vault conceived: an underground complex custom built to destroy anyone who is not its creator. Years ago, Iptiz's campaign of terror suddenly ended without precursor or cause. The location of the Vault was never discovered. Until now. The ring-city of Sulindal, built upon the shores of a mile-wide desert oasis, has come under martial law by an invading army of yuan-ti. They intend to exploit the resources in this renowned city of knowledge to locate the third and final Beacon of Selune. ...but for what purpose? A four to six hour adventure for four 5th level players.

Cover of E3 Prince of Undeath
E3 Prince of Undeath
4th Edition
Levels 27–30
94 pages

Orcus, the Demon Prince of Undeath, craves the power of the Raven Queen and mastery of death's domain. The key to his ascension and the secret to his destruction lies buried in the heart of the Abyss. As heroes chase Orcus into the abyssal depths, evil opposed them at every turn, and each victory brings them closer to their final fate. Concluded the epic series of adventures and the entire story line begun in Keep on the Shadowfell.

Cover of Terror in Skytumble Tor
Terror in Skytumble Tor
Levels 4–6
5 pages

Two head-strong sisters and a dying giant all have something in common: they need help only adventurers can give. It seems there's this little problem. Included in I13 Adventure Pack I - https://www.adventurelookup.com/adventures/i13-adventure-pack-i TSR 9202

Cover of Star Crossed Curses
Star Crossed Curses
5th Edition
Levels 4–6
25 pages

A D&D 5e adventure set inside Shakespeares’ Romeo& Juliette. Enter Verona and Investigate what caused the Capulet mansion to sink underground and become a cursed hellscape Play as your characters or use the pre-generated characters (including Mercutio the tiefling warlock, Rosalind the elven wizard, Balthasar the halfling rogue, and more). You don’t need to know Shakespeares’ Romeo and Juliette to enjoy this dungeon dive but it helps :-) This product includes: The Adventure Printer-friendly character sheets A high Res map for VTT

Shades of Grey
3.5 Edition
Level 4
6 pages

A short adventure for the Midnight campaign setting from Fantasy Flight Games. On a mission to retrieve information important to the resistance, the adventures get caught up in struggles between factions of the Shadow.

Cover of Gnome Droppings
Gnome Droppings
Levels 2–4
8 pages

Watch your step. Out-of-this-world adventure. An odd box falls by a watch tower and its up to the party to discover what it is and why its here. Pgs. 22-29

Cover of NQ17 - Bloodreaver Blade
NQ17 - Bloodreaver Blade
5th Edition
Levels 6–8
20 pages

When old ruins are discovered, rumors swirl about the lost owner's magical blade. This scenario involves an overland crossing and a dungeon delve and none of it will be easy for the players.

Deadly Treasure
Levels 10–20
17 pages

No treasures here just lying around to be taken. This tomb's riches fight back! A new tomb has recently opened for business in your area! The wealth of a wizard's lifetime can be yours! Defeat his traps! Slay his guardians! Zathis the Insightful took a century to collect these marvelous treasures. Now they can be yours in a matter of hours!

Cover of FP14 - Dominion of Sophicles the Virulent
FP14 - Dominion of Sophicles the Virulent
Levels 7–10
34 pages

The Plains series wraps up with 150th Filbar offering Dominion of Sophicles the Virulent! This adventure starts with the PCs hearing of a town in trouble. After learning of trouble in the Village of Ardeth the PCs arrive via boat and quickly discover the community has been attacked by humanoid forces. A successful track will lead the party to one of the toughest adversaries in the land….Sophicles, the Green Dragon!

Cover of Retribution
Level 1
68 pages

In the frozen depths of winter, murderous winds mercilessly batter the crumbling Priory of Cymer. Within, trapped by their duty and the heaped snowdrifts that render travel near impossible, the few remaining faithful huddle together and tend the sacred places of their forbears. With the weather worsening, nerves fray and tempers snap as the wind howls its mournful dirge for the forgotten dead of a fallen time. But the worst is yet to come. One of those trapped within holds a murderous grudge that only blood can expunge and as the storm reaches its savage height terrible revenge is wrought amid the frigid halls and faded glories of a bygone age. A 1st level adventure that is so much more than a trip to stop goblins killing cows. Great NPCs and a great location gives this the feel of The Name Of The Rose.

Cover of M2 Maze of the Riddling Minotaur
M2 Maze of the Riddling Minotaur
Levels 1–10
32 pages

For a long time you have heard legends about the Island of Vacros; when you were only a child, the stories about evil minotaurs were used to scare you into behaving. Now you are grown, and you no longer believe children's stories. But King Trueon of Cathos is worried: his daughter Princess Lydora has been kidnapped, and he has found clues that she has been taken to the ancient and evil island of Vacros. You have heard rumors that a large and dangerous mazework lies beneath the surface of the island - a mazework that is guarded by minotaurs. Of course many rumors are false, but then again... The Maze of the Riddling Minotaur is the second in a series of invisible ink modules: using the invisible ink pen included in this module, you may play the adventure by yourself. After you have played the solo version, you have not used up the module: instructions are provided as to how you may change the solo version into an exciting group adventure! TSR 9060

Cover of UN1 Frost Lords of the Frozen Hall
UN1 Frost Lords of the Frozen Hall
Levels 3–5
22 pages

The North can become very appealing to those who seek fame and fortune on their own course. The North is also home to humanoids and fell creatures, things that can find a foothold in the lawless wastes while also making a living. Larger and more lethal creatures like frost giants and white dragons can also be found, assuming you are foolish enough to go looking for them. This adventure is formatted to both 1E & 5E gaming rules.

Cover of A11: Wild Thing
A11: Wild Thing
5th Edition
Levels 5–7
? pages

The PCs are hired by the Black Gold Consortium to track down passengers of the Wasp, a ship which has wrecked somewhere in the Vast Swamp. One passenger in particular interests the consortium more than any other: a woman named Sandalia. Sandalia is known by every citizen of Cherrian’s Rest as the most beautiful woman in the city, she was recently hired to train as a diplomat for the powerful Black Gold Consortium. Now Sandalia has gone missing and the consortium wants her back. What starts out as a simple rescue mission suddenly takes a turn for the worst when a love struck wild thing leads the PCs on an all out chase through the swamp. The would-be rescuers travel through haunted bogs and fields of fire to a final confrontation which may just be the oddest conclusion anyone has ever experienced. Also included in ""Wild Thing"": Choice of 3 vessels with special swamp navigation rules New swamp bugs and diseases Environmental/Meteorlogical/Bestial Randomization chart for swamp travel 1 new Monster: the Bog Troll! 2 new Magical Items! 7 new Traps! A new city: Cherrian's Rest and the powerful Black Gold Consortium which runs the region with financial influence Multiple ways to complete the primary quest

Cover of NC3 - Oppressor of the North
NC3 - Oppressor of the North
5th Edition
Levels 6–9
20 pages

Your players have ventured so far north that they are within reach of the last vestiges of humanity. You are weary from your travels and decide that a respite in Gregat, City of the Shrine. The area is also home to several other spots of interest that you may go to since you are in the region. This ‘sandbox’ style offers several adventures for your players but beware, they are just as deadly as any dungeon delve!

Cover of Nettles in the Fey
Nettles in the Fey
5th Edition
Tier 1 Level
50 pages

An inexperienced eladrin leader leaves herself dangerously exposed to her enemies. An exiled hag schemes to rebuild her army. A bog troll conspires to overthrow. A child is kidnapped. PCs find themselves in the middle of a power struggle between competing forces, each seeking to dominate the feywild territory known as the Unbound Regions. Trapped in the feywild until they complete the quest, the adventurers must deal with the curious culture of the fey by striking deals, battling opponents, and ultimately deciding which competitor they will support.

Cover of Abominable Adventures - An Encounter Guidebook In The Frozen Tundra
Abominable Adventures - An Encounter Guidebook In The Frozen Tundra
5th Edition
Levels 1–4
38 pages

Abominable Adventures - An Encounter Guidebook In The Frozen Tundra is a collection of 12 unique Tier 1 side stories filled with danger, horror, & mystery for Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition. It can be easily integrated into your adventures set in the frozen lands of the North or during any Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden campaign. Featuring ❄12 unique pre-adjusted Tier 1 encounters ❄38 pages filled with amazing artworks by artists from all around the World ❄A handy and image-free print-friendly version ❄Coloured battle maps that can be printed or used in your VTT platforms ❄New frightening creatures!

Cover of A Boy and His Dog
A Boy and His Dog
5th Edition
Levels 3–4
2 pages

An exceptionally smart ogre and its pet dire wolf have figured out the easy life. Why loot and pillage, when with a few words of common, you can threaten and intimidate your way to comforts?

Cover of A Kobold Christmas
A Kobold Christmas
5th Edition
Level 3
15 pages

A Kobold Christmas is a festive one-shot perfect for an adventuring group looking for a little bit of chaotic fun this holiday season. Set in the town of Finnick, play as a group of kobolds working their way out of the sewers and into the home of Sanderklauzen the Red in the pursuit of riches and revenge. Perfect for seasoned (pun intended) and new DM's alike, A Kobold Christmas is a level 3 stand alone adventure, suited for a group of 3 - 5 adventurers if you have 4 to 6 hours to play.

Cover of An Uneasy Truce
An Uneasy Truce
5th Edition
Levels 6–8
14 pages

The town of Innisfall lives in the shadow of dragons, but has managed to broker a peace with them through the years and avoided outright destruction. Now, a dragon has been murdered and the visiting party of adventurers is accused of perpetrating the deed. Can our heroes prove their innocence and restore the uneasy truce the town has lived under for generations?…

Cover of The Perfumer's Daughter
The Perfumer's Daughter
5th Edition
Levels 1–18
540 pages

When her father goes missing, a young adventurer has no other choice than to gather her friends and head for the city of Loudwater. Soon after she gets swept away in an obscure design threatening to drag the entire region into chaos and war. At the heart of this mystery, lies not only her father, but the long-forgotten history of her once-despised family and a primordial beast influencing events from the shadows, moving her family like pieces on a chess board. Visit www.perfumersdaughter.com for more information. You can also address me directly on The Perfumer's Daughter Q&A on Facebook. All battlemaps and dungeons are free to download for use in digital platforms (such as roll20) on the aforementioned site.