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Cover of Warpath of Gruumsh
Warpath of Gruumsh
5th Edition
Levels 3–4
48 pages

In this level 3 adventure, the heroes face off against a band of orcs who live on islands in a pool of their orc god's blood. Warpath of Gruumsh is part 2 of the Litany of Arrows adventure path, following up on the platinum-selling Castle of Corellon adventure. This can very easily be run as a standalone adventure. Warpath of Gruumsh contains three versions of each full-color map (untagged, player's map and DM's Map), original artwork, one page of new magic items, and full entries on 6 new monsters, including mithral dragons and blood moon harpies.

Cover of The Ooze Chambers of Emirikol
The Ooze Chambers of Emirikol
5th Edition
Levels 4–5
55 pages

The legendary spellcaster Emirikol the Chaotic has turned the region into a wild magic zone, a place where all magic goes awry. The only way to put things back to normal is to retrieve the source of the problem deep inside the Ooze Chambers of Emirikol! This adventure is for 4th level characters and can be run on its own or as part 3 of the Litany of Arrows adventure path. This adventure contains, 2 pages of new magic items, 8 new monsters and NPCs, a full write-up of Bwimb II, the Paraelemental Princess of Ooze, an entity referred to in many D&D products but never fully fleshed out and stats for the 3rd edition iconic heroes Regdar and Mialee, who play a major role in this adventure. It's got over 10 pieces of original art, full color maps, tagged and untagged, and a special handout for the player who obtains the Ooze Fist of Emirikol. This adventure builds on the story begun in the platinum-selling Castle of Corellon and the follow-up, Warpath of Gruumsh.

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