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Cover of Quests of Doom: Volume 2 (5e)
Quests of Doom: Volume 2 (5e)
5th Edition
100 pages

Quests of Doom Volume 2: 6 MORE Adventures for Fifth Edition Rules, First Edition Feel! For Quests of Doom Volume 1, we brought in some of the biggest stars in adventure-writing history to produce 12 mindbogglingly insidious adventures for Fifth Edition. This is volume 2, containing six more explorations into “doom or glory” for your players. Once again, the all-star cast of authors delivers what we strive to give you: Adventures Worth Winning! Volume 2 of Quests of Doom contains 6 adventures in 100 pages, byBill Webb (Of Ants & Men, Pit of Despair, Isle of Eliphaz), Matt Finch (Perils of Ghostwind Pass), Jim Ward (Dread Dragon Temple), Michael Curtis (The Darkening of Namjan Forest), and Casey Christofferson (Pit of Despair).

Cover of Dread Dragon Temple
Dread Dragon Temple
5th Edition
Levels 5–7
10 pages

Characters explore a dangerous, but sparsely populated temple in search of the Staff of the Dragon. They will encounter traps, environmental hazards, and a nest of lizardfolk. The characters are rewarded for a 'look but don't touch' approach to the temple's features. The real highlight, though, is the closing encounter. Once the staff of the dragon is retrieved, it can transform the characters into dragons for a set period of time. As they exit the temple, they are beset by an ancient dragon and the stage is set for an epic brawl as the characters take to the sky in dragon form. Can be completed as a one-shot.

Cover of The Darkening of Namjan Forest
The Darkening of Namjan Forest
5th Edition
Level 4
21 pages

No description available.

Cover of Of Ants and Men
Of Ants and Men
5th Edition
Levels 4–8
12 pages

"Sometimes bugs are just bugs, and sometimes they are organized into a hive mind that is just as smart as humans. Ants are just that. In battle, the ants become a horde of raging combatants that form a blur on all sides. While ants are typically peaceful, they respond to a threat against the hive with a scale of violence that’s almost impossible to imagine. Utterly devoted to duty, ants never retreat from a confrontation—even in the face of certain death. Their engagements are brief and brutal. Working in teams, ants grab enemies, holding them in place until one of the warriors rips into the captive’s body, leaving it smashed and oozing." "Of Ants and Men begins as a quest to recover (e.g., steal) eggs from a giant anthill near the town of Endhome." "This adventure is designed for characters of levels 4 to 8." "The adventure can also be played (perhaps more effectively) by smaller groups. In response to many requests from our fans, the main encounters are designed to work well with groups of two to three characters of levels 6 to 8. Even a solo adventurer could do reasonably well, if the individual character had very good climbing, trap finding, and stealth skills. Druids, barbarians, and rogues will fare best in cases where the groups are limited in size." "While there’s plenty of opportunity for combat here, characters who think through a situation before drawing their swords are likely to do best. Hacking one’s way through is likely to result in character deaths."

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