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Cover of DS10 - Probing Black Isle
DS10 - Probing Black Isle
Levels 8–10
21 pages

A mining operation in the vast desert has failed to check in with the owners of questionable repute. The crime boss “Marmalook” wants to employ the party to go check on the mine and have them explain why there has been no contact. The journey to the mine will not be easy and the party had better pack plenty of water. This item was played at CampCon convention this past year in Pennsylvania last year!

Cover of Sorrowwraiths | Part One: Allies in the Dark
Sorrowwraiths | Part One: Allies in the Dark
Pathfinder 2e
Levels 1–6
77 pages

Sorrowwraiths is an adventure path about hunting monsters, helping allies through hard times, and saving communities in a city that is almost beyond saving. Dive into an industrial dystopia of poverty, pollution and exploitation, where laws and morality apply only to the poor, where technological progress overtakes ethical concerns, and where myriad monsters and curses prey upon the population. The city has lost its last group of protectors and someone new needs to pick up the torch... Allies in the Dark is Part One (of Five) and takes characters from 1st to 6th level. The heroes are introduced to the city and its issues. They get to investigate the disappearance of the Lochtengren's previous defenders, rescue and recruit some of them as allies, and expose the schemes of those who have turned villainous.

Cover of A Delve in the Cave
A Delve in the Cave
5th Edition
Levels 1–2
22 pages

Something lurks in the shadows inside the caverns under the hill called Brin Brenin. Ancient enemies of mankind have returned for revenge, starting with the tomb of a long-forgotten hero. Somewhere inside are answers to forgotten questions, deadly monsters, and hidden treasures.

Cover of IM3 The Best of Intentions
IM3 The Best of Intentions
Immortal Level
48 pages

Prime Plane Immortals are dying like flies: nasty, violent deaths. The Hierarchs suspect Entropy, as usual, especially with all the rumors of demons' involvement. To top it all off, one of the Hierarchs is missing - Mazikeen. Your Mission as novice Temporals, should you choose to accept it, it to find Mazikeen, uncover his kidnaper, and bring him or her to a court of Immortal Justice. This entails much more than mere detective job - it also means taking part in the Immortal Olympics and going plane-hopping with the best (or worst?) of them. Should you not accept this mission, the fate of all Prime Plane Imoortals rests on your heads. (Well, it rests there anyway, but this is meant to make you more than a little guilty about not accepting - after all, you're supposed to be duty-bound and all that kind of thin, and I you don't do this, then who will? Huh? Did you ever think about that, Bucko?) TSR 9207

Cover of SJA1 Wildspace
SJA1 Wildspace
Levels 6–8
64 pages

On a busy day in the marketplace, something hurtles down out of a clear sky. When the dust clears, you c can see that it's a ship's anchor, attached to a rope that stretches up as far as you can see. What do you do? Pull you AD&D game players up the rope and into the astounding universe of fantasy space! Send their spacegoing galleon, the Skyrunner, across the vast reaches of Wildspace. Drop them in the Hive, the largest dungeon ever created. Then pit them against the Ravager, a monster that threatens the characters' entire homeworld! TSR 9273

Cover of City of Golden Death
City of Golden Death
Level 5
32 pages

In the center of Lake Encarthan looms the dreaded Isle of Terror, accursed land of mystery and treachery. Hidden within the island's negative energy storms, the secret treasure city of the wizard-king Tar-Baphon has lain sealed for centuries. Now masked cultists have opened the golden city of Xin-Grafar to claim the wealth of the legendary city for the Living God Razmir. Can the PCs track the cultists through the poisoned swamps and blasted wastelands of the Isle of Terror to the City of Golden Death itself? And what forgotten dangers will oppose them as they struggle to prevent a dark faith from spreading across the world? Part 3 of the Price of Immortality trilogy.

Cover of Castle Zadrian
Castle Zadrian
3rd Edition
Levels 4–5
16 pages

When you read the posting for this job, you knew what you were getting yourself into. "Lady of means requires the assistance of a stalwart group of adventurers willing to undertake a mission of the utmost importance. Discretion is required." Words like that never mean that the woman in question is looking for someone to weed her Garden - unless, of course, it's full of man-eating plants. Those are the kinds of words you only post if you are really in a bind. If it's a matter of life and death. If you're desperate for help and willing to pay for it through the nose. It just so happens that you've made yourself quite a reputation lending just that kind of aid to people in just that kind of need. And the money hasn't hurt you any either. So when Lady Elena Zadrian tells you that her father - the near legendary alchemist Sir Timoth Zadrian - has gone missing, well, you're not all that surprised. Lady Elena looks upon you once again, brushing the long blonde hair from her bright blue, tears soaked eyes. "My father lives outside of a village only four days ride from here, a sleepy, little place called Cuthder," she says. "He comes to see me every 4 months. He's a forgetful, old man, but I could set my clock by his visits." She chokes back a sob. "It's been eight months since I last saw him. I fear something has gone horribly awry. Either brigands have robbed his tiny castle, or one of his experiments may have left him dead - or worse." The lady stares you straight in the eye, and you can almost taste her desperation." My father is a good man, wise and Noble, but if word of this disappearance were to get out, it would hurl my household into a shambles. I need you to travel to his castle and learn for me what has happened to him, quickly and quietly." "Please," she begs of you, her Ruby painted lower lip beginning to quiver. "I need your help. And I'm willing to pay - handsomely." She has your attention.

Cover of F14 - Bog of Jelaneus
F14 - Bog of Jelaneus
Levels 8–12
38 pages

The world of Filbar was built upon the remnants of the Adurite Empire an ancient empire that extended among the continents. Centuries ago a curse befell the land and the empire causing its destruction. In the campaign the players were given the opportunity to discover a very difficult way to lift the curse. While this adventure can be used as individual fillers it also offers campaign players the opportunity to lift the centuries old curse. Can your players piece together what happened and solve the mystery?

Cover of The Nightmare Lands
The Nightmare Lands
Level 2
176 pages

It's just a bad dream-a very bad dream.... Beware the night, for sleep provides another path to the Demiplane of Dread. In the unique domain called the Nightmare Lands, darkness offers not blissful slumber, but ultimate terror. Heroes enter this realm at the bidding of the night, drawn from their dreaming bodies and captured by an enigmatic figure known only as the Nightmare Man. Trapped in this region of psychological fear, heroes face their worst nightmares in strange surrealistic terrain. If they escape the treacherous clutches of dark slumber, they'll be safe-at last until the nest time sleep overtakes them... This box set Campaign Expansion contains 4 adventures: Dreams Within Dreams: https://www.adventurelookup.com/adventures/dreams-within-dreams Dark Harvest: https://www.adventurelookup.com/adventures/dark-harvest The Loathsome Deep: https://www.adventurelookup.com/adventures/the-loathsome-deep The Rose of Midnight: https://www.adventurelookup.com/adventures/the-rose-of-midnight TSR 1124

Cover of CCC-UK-1 Call of the Elvenflow
CCC-UK-1 Call of the Elvenflow
5th Edition
Levels 1–4
17 pages

Folk tales warn of strange noises from the Cormanthor Forest when winter fogs are thickest and the black of night has no shadows to cast. When such noises are heard on a late summer’s afternoon, perhaps it’s time to turn once again to the old stories? Part 1 of the Evenflow Saga

Cover of Just Add Water
Just Add Water
5th Edition
Levels 4–6
4 pages

Just Add Water is a sewer-based dungeon crawl that can be easily inserted into any adventure. All you need is a location with a sewer system and a reason for the party to explore it.

Eldark Crypt
5th Edition
Levels 6–10
7 pages

A deadly encounter for a party of level 7-10s. Brave the crypt in an attempt to save Lord Eldark's son. This challenging dungeon is adaptable and easy to run in any existing campaign. It has some very tough encounters and is available for free on DM guild!

Cover of Jackal's Rift
Jackal's Rift
Levels 1–10
1 pages

A unique skill-challenge focused adventure on a perilous cliff wall! A rift descending adventure where certain doom is mere inches away at any given moment.

Cover of Temple of the Scorpion God
Temple of the Scorpion God
3.5 Edition
Level 7
10 pages

An insane villain plots ruin deep beneath the city of Sharn. In order to save the city, the PCs must find the one thing that can stop him, an enormous Siberys dragonshard hidden somewhere in the jungles of the lost continent of Xen'drik. "Temple of the Scorpion God" is part two of the three-part Shards of Eberron Campaign Arc. Pgs. 66-75

Cover of Of Leaves & Stewed Hobbit
Of Leaves & Stewed Hobbit
5th Edition
Levels 2–3
17 pages

The company discovers the Easterly Inn, a piece of the Shire in the land of the Beornings. But the Wild is still the Wild, and it takes more than Hobbit cooking to keep adventures at bay; in no time, the companions find themselves involved in the search for a missing trade caravan. Their quest will put them on the road to the High Pass, and see them go over hills and under hills. Published by Cubicle7

Cover of H4 The Throne of Bloodstone
H4 The Throne of Bloodstone
Levels 18–100
96 pages

The battle between the mighty undead army of the Witch-King of Vaasa and the forces of Bloodstone has come to a standstill. As long as the source of the Witch-King's power is at work, his evil forces will never be defeated! As the rulers of Bloodstone Pass, it is up to you to find and destroy the sources of Vaasa's power. All you have to do is journey to the Abyss, confront the mightiest demon of all, steal the Wand of Orcus, and take it to the Seven Heavens to be destroyed. The Throne of Bloodstone is the fourth and final installment in a series of modules specially designed for high-level characters. While it is not necessary to have played any of the three previous modules, The Throne of Bloodstone is the climax of an epic struggle for a kingdom against the forces of darkest evil. Recommended for characters of levels 18-100, The Throne of Bloodstone is the highest-level adventure ever published by TSR! TSR 9228

Cover of The Trouble With Mylvin Wimbly
The Trouble With Mylvin Wimbly
Levels 1–3
6 pages

The enemy you hunt may not be the enemy you find. A midnight encounter with a halfling guerilla and a vengeful magic-user. Pgs. 33-38

Cover of DDEX03-08 The Malady of Elventree
DDEX03-08 The Malady of Elventree
5th Edition
Levels 5–10
34 pages

An escaped duergar slave stumbles into the village of Elventree. With her she brings a malady that grips the small settlement in a bout of madness that seems unshakable. Can you find the source of the madness and save yourself and the village’s inhabitants? A four-hour adventure for 5th-10th level characters.

Cover of I12 Egg of the Phoenix
I12 Egg of the Phoenix
Levels 5–9
100 pages

"Come on," they said, "It won't be so tough, just stopping a slavery ring," they said. "I don't know," you said. "Those slaves aren't even entirely human! How do we know they won't try to kill us?" But you went, and now you're having second thoughts. There were the thieves in the lost crypts of Empyrea, raising hundreds of - no, that's too disturbing to think about. There were the three daughters who - no, that's too painful to remember. Now there's this Egg of the Phoenix. What does that have to do with anything? This was supposed to be a cut-and-dried stop-the-slavers job. Who said anything about retrieving lost artifacts? Trudging through forests, traipsing through castles, trotting throug dungeons, traveling through other planes: this has turned into more than your run-of-the-mill adventure. The compensation had better be worth it! Provided, of course, you're around at the end to collect your share. TSR 9201

Cover of The Sorrows of Southsward Keep
The Sorrows of Southsward Keep
5th Edition
Levels 3–5
24 pages

A one-shot adventure of dark fantasy, tragedy, and horror... - 4-6 hour adventure for 3rd - 5th level characters. - 24 pages of an elegant, easy to read PDF. - 4 custom handouts that pair with the adventure. - 2 custom monsters. - 10+ trinkets and magic items for handing out to your players. - 6 gorgeous free battle maps that can be found here: https://www.dmsguild.com/product/434359/Map-Pack-01--The-Sorrows-of-Southsward-Keep