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Of Sound MInd
3rd Edition
49 pages

The Plot: The characters are motivated by strange nightmares, missing children, and a bizarre murder to investigate the odd happenings around the town of Bellhold. They must penetrate the former lair if a slain dragon, discover what bizarre force is tormenting the town, and put a stop to it before the town is turned into mindless slaves. The Mood: Odd occurrences, terrible nightmares, and ancient secrets haunt the town.The frayed nerves and shattered spirits of the townspeople have everyone on edge. Children and animals have gone missing, and the aura of fear is nearly palpable in the air. Whispers audible only in the mind add to the confusion, but it is clear that a dark force is determined to rob the people of Bellhold of their sanity and freedom.

Cover of Nemoren's Vault
Nemoren's Vault
Levels 1–5
78 pages

The adventure is designed to kick-off a campaign, as it provides for an interesting way to get the party together. Instead of meeting at a tavern or being recruited by the local militia, each party member starts with a key to the NeMoren's vault, a key that was handed down by a friend or given as a gift for some good deed peformed in the past. The executor of the estate has gathered together all of the key-holders so that they could claim the contents of the vault. The vault can only be opened with all of the keys in unison. The vault is protected by a number of minor traps and tricks, but it also became the final resting place for the Baron's ex-lover, Lisette, and her brothers--all three of whom had attempted to blackmail the Baron. They were buried alive and are now undead. To complicate matters, a young umber hulk made its way to the vault, leaving some crude tunnels that were later exploited by hobgoblins coming from another surface entrance. The party will need to deal with the hobgoblins, the undead, the traps, and possibly the young umber hulk. There is a side-plot of poisoned groundwater in the nearby town that the party can also resolve by clearing out the undead and properly disposing of the putrid corpses leaking into the groundwater from the vault. This Version Includes the Rescue of Lady Nemoren as well from a mini dungeon ending in a Minotaur and a not too difficult ethical decision.

Cover of Ptolus: Queen of Lies
Ptolus: Queen of Lies
Level 11
48 pages

Written by the setting’s creator, incomparable RPG author Monte Cook, Ptolus: Queen of Lies is an action-packed fantasy adventure painstakingly re-designed for Ptolus: Monte Cook’s City by the Spire. Involving numerous challenging scenarios for characters of 11th level, Queen of Lies is filled with dozens of dark elf personalities, cunningly showcasing their alien culture—a world of merciless betrayal and sinister lusts. Deep below the surface, in the sunless lands of the Netherdeep, creatures of darkness build weapons and amass armies, dreaming of invasion. An attack on a peaceful elven shrine in Emerald Hill sends the heroes on a quest to retrieve stolen artifacts and kidnapped friends. All signs point to the actions of the dark elves of Ul-Drakkan, far below the city of Ptolus. However, even within that ancient fortress, there exists a deeper darkness.... Underground enemies lurk beyond every twisting passage, and strange creatures abound. The foul culture of the dark elves is both decadent and cruel, and the heroes may discover that they’ve stumbled into a web of deceit and treachery spun by the self-styled queen of the dark elves. Can the player characters complete their mission without being discovered, or will they find out, perhaps too late, that their actions been orchestrated all along by the wicked Queen of Lies?

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