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Cover of Wearers of Flesh
Wearers of Flesh
5th Edition
Level 3
32 pages

Did you know there’s a skeleton inside each of us? The players will find themselves in a community of scared anthropomorphic rabbits and exploring the lair of undead wizards looking for flesh to wear. There are opportunities for combat, roll play, puzzle-solving and exploration. This was written as a submission for the Summer Adventure Design Contest over at Bryce's Adventure Design Forum.

Cover of The Test of the White Stag
The Test of the White Stag
5th Edition
Levels 1–10
17 pages

The hunt for the white hind is the stuff of myth – according to legend, those who can keep up with the mystical stag will discover treasures lost to time. In truth, the heroes in these stories are being tested, but not for anything as simple as stamina. During the hunt heroes face hard fights, questions of morality and opportunities to show their skills.

Cover of A Welcome Scourge
A Welcome Scourge
5th Edition
Level 8
26 pages

A Welcome Scourge is a murder investigation for a party of 8th level characters. It takes place in an outpost town called Newfort, but you can easily adapt the adventure to your own setting. "There have been several high-profile vampire murders in Newfort, but the locals seem to be fine with them - probably because all of the victims have been infamous and despicable. It is up to your heroes to glean clues from around town, track down the vile creature, reveal a foul conspiracy, and beat out competitors hunting for the same bounty."

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